Start your MA thesis - graduate engineer programmes

On this page, you will find information about deadlines procedures for registering your master’s thesis.

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Topic page about writing and submitting your master's thesis


Students in 2-year master’s programmes normally write the thesis in their fourth and final semester.

The deadline to register your master’s thesis agreement in Sharepoint is 15 January. Please submit the thesis agreement as well as a standard agreement for cooperation with industry/external companies (if applicable) to your department as soon as it’s been signed by all parties. It’s possible to apply for a delayed start-up of your thesis work, see more information below.

The deadline to submit the master’s thesis is 20 weeks from the registration date (+1 week if the time frame of your thesis work includes Christmas or the Easter holidays). If you are unable to submit the thesis before the agreed deadline, it’s possible to apply for an extended thesis submission deadline. 

Submitting the Master's thesis


  • Students writing their master’s thesis abroad are granted an extra 6 weeks, so that the total time frame of the thesis work is 26 weeks
  • Students working as scientific assistants or similar may apply for an extended thesis deadline based on their number of working hours. You can apply for an extension by sending an e-mail to your department/faculty. 

Supervision and thesis agreement  

Before you begin your thesis work, you must sign a master agreement with a supervisor within the relevant academic area. Your department will provide more information about how to choose a thesis topic. 

Your main supervisor must be an NTNU professor, adjunct professor, associate professor or assistant professor, and belong to the department where you will do your thesis work. This also applies if you choose to write your thesis outside of NTNU.  

The formal starting date of your thesis work is the date registered on your master agreement. 

Delayed thesis start-up 

If you are unable to begin your thesis work by the deadline 15 January, we ask that you follow the procedure above anyway, and register a master agreement by the given deadline. After you have done so, please contact your faculty to apply for an extension. Students at the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management should contact their department. 

Risk assessment 

All students at the Faculty of Natural Sciences must submit a risk assessment along with their master’s thesis contract. This also applies to theoretical master’s theses. 

Master’s thesis outside of NTNU 

If you plan to do your thesis work with a company/external organisation, please fill in the name of the company/external organisation as part of the master agreement. When you have done so, you will in addition to the master agreement also receive a standard cooperation agreement for download once you have completed your registration.

The cooperation agreement should be printed in four copies and signed by all parties, who then receive a copy each. Please submit the cooperation agreement to your department office along with the master agreement, to ensure that the rights and obligations of all parties will be determined.  

Master’s thesis abroad 

If you write your master’s thesis abroad, the total time frame of the thesis work is 26 weeks. We recommend that you stay in close contact with the faculty while writing your thesis abroad. 

If you will not return to NTNU to submit your thesis work, we ask that you hand in all keys and other equipment before leaving Trondheim.