Guide to Innsida

Manage your subscriptions

How to manage the message channels in NTNUs intranet, on the What's Happening page.

Norsk versjon - legg til og fjern meldingskanaler

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Find intranet message channels 

  1. Click the "channels" button at the bottom of the news menu.
  2. "Your channels" provides an overview of the channels you subscribe to.
  3. Search for channels to subscribe to or add external RSS feeds. 
  4. You can unsubscribe from channels that are optional.
  5. Set up your own channel.

Find message channel - alternative method

  1. Use the search field in Innsida and type what you're looking for. Filter the search result by "Message channels" to delete search results like webpages, study pages and persons.
  2. Click on the channel you want to subscribe to.
  3. Click the Subscribe button if you want to subscribe.
    In some cases your subscription must be approved by the channel's administrator before you get access.


Unsubscribe - alternative method

  1. Use the search field at Innsida and type the name of the channel you want to delete. Filter the search result by "Message channels" to delete search results like web pages, study pages and persons.
  2. Click the channel you want to unsubscribe from.
  3. Click the button "Leave".

Required channels

These channels are default, part of the standard layout and can not be removed:

For students

  • NTNU channel - Alle studenter (all students)
  • Message channel for your study programme
  • Message channel for students in the town you study in (e.g. Student i Gjøvik)
  • Message channel for study specialization, if you have one
  • Course channels for courses you have signed up for - this semester

For employees

  • NTNU channel - Alle ansatte (all employees)
  • Message channel for the unit you belong to (department, centre, section).
  • Message channel for the faculty or division above the unit that you belong to.
  • Message channel for employees in the town your work in (e.g. NTNU i Ålesund).
  • Message channel for the courses you are responsible for (according to FS).
  • Universitetsavisa (you can unsubscribe).

For guests

  • NTNU channel - Alle ansatte (all employees)
  • Universitetsavisa (you can unsubscribe).
  • Message channel for the unit the person is associated to in Paga or BAS.

Get external feeds in your news stream

You can get news from e.g. Universitetsavisa, The Resarch Council of Norway or The New England Journal of Medicine in your news stream, along with internal NTNU messages. If you search and cannot find the feed in Innsida, you can add it:

  1. Find the address to the RSS-feed you want.
  2. Click the Channels-button in the news menu and choose the tab "Discover new channels".
  3. Click «Add new RSS feed» and paste the address of the RSS-feed.
  4. Finish by clicking «Add new RSS feed».

New posts from the feed will appear along with the other channels you subscribe to. 

Rektoratets blogg, Universitetsavisa, Gemini, and many other RSS-feeds are already available in Innsida, you just need to search for them.