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This wiki describes how to create new study programmes in KASPER.

Norsk versjon: KASPER - Portefølje - opprette nytt studieprogram

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Getting Started

Log in to KASPER by clicking the "Log in"-button below.

Log inn

The link sends you to the page for study portfolio development. This is the same as starting on the KASPER home page and clicking "Studieprogramportefølje" -> "Opprette studieprogram".

This sends you to a page which lists all study programmes that are being created at the moment. From here you can begin the creation of a new programme, or continue working on one already started.

Begin Creating a New Study Programme

To begin the creation of a new study programme, click "+Ny" (New).

This sends you to a form where some basic information must be added to start the application process. The mandatory fields (marked by a *) include "Vertsfakultet" (host faculty), "Vertsinstitutt" (host institute), "Arbeidsnavn" (temporary name suggestion), "Planlagt oppstartsår" (planed start year), "Programmets studienivå" (programme's study level), "Porteføljekoordinator" (portfolio coordinator) and "Vitenskapleg ansvarleg" (science manager). Filling in "ePhorte-saksmappenummer" (ePhorte case number) and "Bidragsytere" (contributors) can wait for later. When all the required fields are filled in, click "Save". This sends you to the application workspace.

The Application Workspace

The workspace for the application process consists of a number of tabs where different kinds of information is filled in.

Under "Administrasjon" (1) you will find the basic administrative information you filled in when starting the process, as described in the above paragraph. You may edit this information.

The "Søknad" (application) tab (2) is used to write three documents.

  1. A notification of intent to apply for the creation of a new study programme, aka "Trinn I" (Step 1), which is due February 1st.
  2. The actual application for creating a new study programme, aka. "Trinn II" (step 2), which is due June 1st.
  3. A summary of the application which is used for Rector's approval.

For all three documents a template Word file is generated inside the workspace.

The rest of the tabs under "Trinn I og II" (3) are used to register the rest of the necessary information that must be included in the application. The workspace automatically adds this into the application document.

The last tab, "Innmeldingsinformasjon" (4) collects all the information that is to be added to FS when completing the creation.

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