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This wiki describes how institute and faculty management may use the module "Oppfølging studieprogram" [Study Programme Follow-Up] in KASPER. This page allows you to follow the study programme evaluation and revision processes, give feedback on follow-up plans, and send joint messages to study programme coordinators.

You may also watch our Panopto video on the same topic (norwegian with english subtitles).

Norsk versjon: KASPER - Ledelse - Oppfølging studieprogram

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Get started

  1. Log into KASPER by clicking the button below:
    Log in
    This sends you to the management page in KASPER. You can get there manually from the front page by clicking “Ledelse” [Management].
  2. From there you click the “Oppfølging studieprogram” [Study Programme Follow-Up] tile (see image below). If you manage more than one faculty you will be asked to select which one to view.
    The icon as shown in KASPER

How to use the page

At the top of the page there is a bar chart (1) showing you which percentages of the study programmes have which statuses. Right below there are buttons that let you choose between viewing statistics on the study programme evaluation or study plan revision (2). The rest of the page is a table of all study programmes, with an array of statuses and other information (3). Here you will find notifications when follow-up plans have been updated. If you click the programme name you will be sent to the study programme’s evaluation report or study plan, depending on which table you are viewing.

A screenshot marking the different elements on the page, 1: a bar chart, 2: two different statistics, 3: the overview


You may sort the table by the columns that have a small “arrowhead” symbol next to the header. For instance, when viewing the table for study programmes in revision, this means you can sort by “Varsel” [Notifications], “Oppfølgingsplan” [Follow-up Plan], “Status”, “Institutt”, or “Vedtaksmyndighet” [Approval Authority].

A screenshot showing how the page is sorted by marking the headlines

When viewing the table for study programmes in evaluation, you will get about the same sorting options, with type of evaluation replacing approval authority.

Send reminders

You may use this page to send joint messages to study programme coordinators. Select as many as you need by clicking the far-left column (1) and click “Send påminnelse” [Send reminder] (2). This generates a new email in your default email client, where the study programme coordinators are added as recipients. The email will be otherwise blank, which means you must write its contents yourself.

The two steps on how to send reminders are marked with numbers

Notifications and follow-up plans

When follow-up plans are updated, you will see a notification at the top left of the table, shown as a red bubble with a number inside (see image below). The number inside corresponds to the total number of tasks that have been added to the follow-up plans. Scrolling down the table you will find corresponding red bubbles at the relevant study programmes.

A screenshot showing the notifications in total and the number of tasks for each follow-up plan

Click the date in the “Oppfølgingsplan”-column (1) to open the plan, which will appear in a pop-up to the right. Here you may read through the tasks, see if they requested feedback from the faculty (2) and write said feedback in the textbox below (3).

How to open the tasks and where to write feedback

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