Holiday leave - administrative routines

This page contains administrative routines about holiday leave/vacation time for leaders and HR employees.

Norsk versjon - Ferie - administrative rutiner

Other employees will find useful information that can help you plan and apply for holiday leave on the topic page.

Topic page about Leave | Pages labelled with Leave

Manager's responsibilities with respect to holiday/vacation time

As a manager it is your responsibility to see that your employees use their holiday/vacation time in the course of a calendar year and that they don't have any remaining holiday/vacation days at the end of the year.

More information about the managers' responsibilities with respect to the use of holiday/vacation leave (currently only in Norwegian).

Holiday/vacation leave planning

An employee's application for holiday leave should be discussed with his or her supervisor before it is applied for and approved in the Self-service portal.

Routines for financial and payroll employees

Routines for HR employees

You can find an overview in the Self-service portal

During holiday planning in the Self-Service Portal, you as a manager can get all the vacation on your employees. Guides (only available in Norwegian):

Other resources

Translator's note

Remember that holiday and vacation mean two different things in American English, while being equivalent words in American and British English.

Thus, while someone who uses British English would take holiday leave, or go on holiday, an American English speaker would take vacation days - or go on vacation. The word "holiday" in American English means a legal day off for nearly every worker, such as New Year's Day or Independence Day (4 July in the US, 17 May here in Norway).

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