Exchange scholarships administered by NTNU

Many participants in exchange schemes will receive one of the grants that NTNU manages. These include NTNU, Erasmus, Nordplus and sponsor grants.

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Scholarships managed by NTNU

Many people who travel on exchange receive a grant from NTNU. The grant is in addition to funding from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen). You will automatically be considered for grants that may be relevant when you apply for an exchange. You do not need to apply for them. Note that you can only receive one of the scholarships:

  1. NTNU scholarship
  2. Erasmus scholarship
  3. Nordplus scholarship

Common requirements for all types of scholarships

  • You must be admitted to a bachelor’s or master’s programme.
  • You must have completed at least 60 credits at a higher education institution.
  • The programme of study abroad must be included as part of the degree at NTNU (you must apply for prior recognition from your faculty).
  • If the faculty/department ranks candidates, this is used as the basis for awarding grants.
  • Students can receive a grant even if NTNU does not have an exchange agreement with the institution where they want to study.
  • You can only be awarded one grant from the NTNU Unit for International Relations for each exchange visit.
  • Students who have previously received Erasmus, Nordplus or sponsor grants from NTNU may not receive an NTNU grant for a new period of study abroad.
  • Students who have previously received an NTNU grant can receive an Erasmus grant or sponsorship grant for a new period of study abroad.

Payouts of scholarships

You will receive an email with information about whether you have been awarded a scholarship some time after you have uploaded the confirmation of admission from the education institution abroad in Søknadsweb. If you are offered a scholarship, you must accept or decline it by the specified deadline. Below, you can find information about what to do to receive the scholarship payout:

1. NTNU scholarships

NTNU has a number of limited scholarships. Students who travel on visits for exchange studies, traineeships/internships or fieldwork abroad can receive NTNU sholarships:

Bachelor students in 3-year programmes:

  • 4 weeks to 3 months: NOK 7500
  • 3 months to 1 semester: NOK 12000
  • 2 semesters: NOK 20000

Other students:

  • 4 weeks to 3 months: NOK 500
  • 1 semester: NOK 8000
  • 2 semesters: NOK 12000

If the faculty does not rank the applicants, scholarships are awarded on the basis of the average grades available in the national student register (Felles studentdatasystem, FS). Only passed courses are included in the calculation of the average grade.

Note that the criteria for awarding scholarships may be changed. Information about the applicable criteria will be posted on this website.

More information about payout of the NTNU scholarship

2. Erasmus scholarship

Erasmus scholarship for exchange abroad

Students who travel to an educational institution where NTNU has an Erasmus agreement, as well as institutions that are part of the NORDLYS or NORDTEK networks, can receive an Erasmus scholarship. The amount varies depending on the destination country:

  • EUR 460 per month for Erasmus visits to Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Sweden and the UK
  • EUR 410 per month to other European countries participating in the Erasmus programme
  • EUR 650 per month for students who travel through Erasmus+ global mobility to a country outside the EU
  • See information about payment of Erasmus scholarships

Erasmus trainee scholarships

You can also get a trainee scholarship through Erasmus. The scholarship is paid in addition to any payment that you receive from the company you work in. The amount varies depending on the destination country:

Formal prerequisites for obtaining an Erasmus trainee scholarship

  • Students at all levels of study can apply (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD)
  • The traineeship has been approved as part of your degree at NTNU in the form of prior recognition or through your faculty’s confirmation of its relevance to your discipline in your diploma supplement
  • The traineeship must last between 2 and 12 months
  • You can also go for a traineeship abroad after you graduate (within 12 months of your graduation)
  • The scholarship cannot be awarded for work at institutions that are funded by the EU or that manage EU programmes, or for traineeships at a university

Subject to changes

This information is subject to any changes in the rates for scholarship funding in the Erasmus programme; the valid rates are the EU and SIU rates in effect at any time.

3. Recruitment stipend for selected countries

Students who go on exchange from NTNu Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Japan or South Korea, will recieve an additional stipend from the Norwegian State Educational Fund (Lånekassen), in addition to the base support, for up to 10 months.

This stipend is up to kr. 2 500,- per month.

This stipend is not administered by NTNU, but is paid out automatically by Lånekassen alongside your regular support if you go to one of these countries.

Note that you must qualify for Lånekassen support to recieve this stipend. As a main rule, you must be a Norwegian citizen to qualify for Lånekassen support, but foreign nationals may also qualify if they meet certain criteria. Read more about qualifying for Lånekassen support for: EEA/EFTA citizens and non-EEA/EFTA citizens.


Get in touch with one of the advisors at the international office for more information