Establish an Open Access Journal

The NTNU University Library offers the service NTNU Open Access Journals to researchers and academic environments that wish to establish a peer-reviewed OA journal or change an existing journal into Open Access.

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Services provided by the University Library

In cooperation with NTNU's IT department, the Library offers a publishing platform based on the software Open Journal Systems (OJS). The library also helps with the journal setup and support, and ensures import to the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and CrossRef.

The University Library does not assist in the development of web sites, web design or tasks associated with publication of the journal - such as layout, script, editing or document preparation.

Criteria for establishing a journal in NTNU Open Access Journals

  1. Establishment of new journals must have an academic and scientific basis.
  2. The journal should have an affiliation with NTNU. Editors, journal managers or other members of the editorial team should either be employed by or students at the university.
  3. The journal must have procedures for peer review and satisfy the requirements of a level 1 journal (ref. National guidelines).
  4. Editor(s) and editorial councilors must be chosen before the journal is established. The editor/ Editor in chief must have academic expertise within the discipline.
  5. The journal must be open access.
  6. All journals must use Creative Commons licensing to ensure that the work can be distributed freely and that it cannot be exploited commercially (the journal allows self-archiving in institutional repository and the author's website).
  7. Authors publishing with NTNU Open Access Journals retains the copyright for his/her article, but gives the journal the right to be first publisher.
  8. The journal must have a realistic publishing policy and should publish at least five articles or other types of peer-reviewed material each year.
  9. The periodical must categorize its content in either the editor’s comments or TOC.


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