Betalmeg travel expenses and reimbursements for non-employees

(Videresendt fra Betalmeg - travel expenses claim for non-employees)

If you are not employed at NTNU, you need access to Betalmeg in order to send your travel expense claims and reimbursements. Access lasts until you have been inactive for approximately one year. You therefore do not need to order new access every time you send an invoice.

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How to access Betalmeg

For contractors' access to Betalmeg, go to this section.

If you are going to use Betalmeg for the first time, you must be registered as a user. If you've sent travel expense claims to NTNU via Betalmeg in the past, you probably still have access. Try logging in before you order e new access. If you need to change anything about your access, call the Service Center.

1) Order access

If you as a non-employee are going to send information yourself, use the form Order access to Betalmeg-solution

If you are an NTNU employee and need to submit information on behalf of an external party, use the form Bestill tilgang til Betalmeg
In the form you should write:

  • Personal details and contact information for a new user
  • Bank information. If payment is to be made to a foreign bank account, the foreign payment form must be completed and attached to the form in NTNU Hjelp.
  • The name of the institute the user is going to register at, includes cost center. If the cost is going to be on a specific project, enter the subproject number/name (delprosjekt). Contact the HR professional on your institute if you need information about project number.

If this information is registered when the user is given access, it should automatically appear in the travel expense claim.

2) Once the person has access to Betalmeg, they will receive an e-mail

It will take a few days from the time you order until you get access. Once your user has been created, you receive an e-mail from DFØ, which delivers the Betalmeg solution for NTNU.

The e-mail will contain some information about how they log in and what is important to keep in mind. If the person doesn't receive the email, it may have ended up in a spam filter.

How to log in to Betalmeg

How to log in depends on whether you have a Norwegian bank ID or not:

Log in with a Norwegian bank ID

Log in to the Self-Service portal through this link. You may also download the DFØ app (

Log in for foreign users without a Norwegian bank-ID

Betalmeg-users who do not have a Norwegian bank ID will receive an e-mail with a username. The first time you log in:

  • Go to
  • Chose other agencies
  • Enter your user name and select "forgot password".
  • If you haven't receive a user name yet, select "forgot username"
  • Confirm your phone number and click "send code". You will then receive a code by SMS. After this is registered, you create your own password to log in.

screenshot showing step by step guide to login for foreigners

Note! Mobiles registered in the countries on this list cannot receive SMS from Betalmeg due to a security setting. Contact the Service Center if a travel bill or reimbursement is to be sent from these countries

Submit you travel claims and reimbursements

Guide: How to use Betalmeg ( . In a travel expense claim, please remember to choose "public transport" for bus tickets etc. not "commute".

Be sure to choose the right accommodation in the field "Type of trip" in step1. Go to Accommodation and meals in your travel expense claim - Kunnskapsbasen - NTNU for information.

Contractors and access to Betalmeg

People who have signed an assignment contract with NTNU do not need to be registered in Betalmeg. Provided that the contract is signed and approved, they automatically get access to Betalmeg from the start date of the contract. Therefore, remember to set the start date in the assignment contract to a little before the person is due to travel.

You will have access to Betalmeg after your assignment. If you have been inactive for a year, your user will be deleted.

The contractor will receive information about Betalmeg by e-mail after they have signed their contract with NTNU.

Contractors are not to register their actual fee in the Betalmeg solution. Betalmeg is only for expenses to be repaid. The actual fee will be paid to a contractor after the end date of the assignment.

Cost information for contractors

When a contractor has been contracted via Assignment and employment contract, the entity has already registered posting information. The external party shall leave the field "cost allocation" as the default unless they have been told by NTNU to enter a different cost allocation.

Payment dates

See the payroll schedule for when travel expense claims and reimbursements are paid out.

Where in the process is your expense claim?

Go to "Register travel expense claim" or "Register reimbursement" in the Self-service portal. In the left hand pane you can find expense claims that have been sent, approved, paid, returned or saved as drafts.

  • Draft: You have started filling out your claim, but it is not yet sent.
  • Sent: Your claim is sent and is waiting for approval.
  • Approved: Your claim is approved and will be paid out. Travel expense claims and reimbursements are paid out on dates of payment "travel expenses and reimbursements" in the payments schedule.
  • Returned: Your claim is rejected and returned to your for correction.
  • Paid: The expense claim has been paid out.

Keep this in mind when registering expense reports as a non-employee

  • All expenses must be agreed in advance with the responsible person at NTNU.
  • Enclose specified receipts documenting all expenses. By specified receipt is meant that the receipt shows what it has been paid for. A bank statement showing only the amount paid will therefore not be sufficient.
  • The claim must be submitted within one month.
  • Make sure the information on the form is correct and complete
  • For travel expenses to be repaid, select "Travel expense claim" when you enter the DFØ app or the self-service portal Betalmeg. If you're claiming a refund for something not related to a trip, select "Register expense reimbursement."
  • According to the government's travel regulations, NTNU do not pay subsistence allowance to non-employees.


If you have any questions or need help using Betalmeg, contact the Service center.