Appraisal interview

The employee appraisal interview is a planned, systematic and personal interview between an employee and a manager. It is an important tool to develop a good working environment and to develop each individual at work. It is a supplement to the daily and regular dialogue between employee and manager.

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About the appraisal interview

The purpose of the conversation between leader and employee is to motivate employees by holding a dialogue regarding the current work situation and needs for the future. This involves facilitating good work performance, employee development and well-being. Furthermore, a good appraisal interview will be an important tool for promoting a good working environment.

The conversation should be about the employee’s work performance and include topics adaptable to both the employee's work situation and the unit's needs and goals. The conversation should be based on the Appraisal interview guide.

This conversation should be conducted annually.

To create a valuable conversation

A valuable and useful appraisal interview depends upon the employee recognizing this as a positive experience, if not the conversation can be counterproductive. The relationship and trust between the employee and manager will influence the quality of the appraisal interview and how the employee experiences the conversation.

A good appraisal interview is characterized by an open and personal tone. The conversation should focus on work tasks and employee development, with issues and actions that the manager and / or employee is able to change, solve or influence.

To create a positive and valuable conversation, the leader must facilitate constructive dialogue and feedback. This means that the manager must prepare well and become familiar with the work tasks and work situation of the employees for whom he / she is responsible.

Career Development

All academic staff should be offered the opportunity to develop a written career plan (templates for career plan below). The career plan is prepared in a separate meeting and followed up in the employee interview.

See "Supplement guide for the appraisal interview" on follow-up questions for career development.

Senior Interview

Senior interviews are to be conducted when employees have passed 60 years of age. The conversations aim is to identify wishes, ambitions, plans for the future and skills needed. The supplement guide for the appraisal interview and NTNU's senior policy (information in Norwegian) suggests questions and topics for the senior interview.

See "Senior policy at NTNU" (information in Norwegian) for more information.

Discussion of salary

Salaries should not be discussed as a topic in the employee interview. Note that all employees are entitled to an independent meeting about their salary and career development, in addition to the employee interview.


Work-related problems or conflicts should not be postponed until the appraisal interview, but rather dealt with immediately, by the immediate manager or safety representative. For managers it is important to focus on the purpose of the appraisal interview; to motivate and facilitate personal development for the employee.

See "Unacceptable behaviour - harassment and conflict" for more information about conflicts.


When the manager has arranged for an employee interview, the employee is obliged to attend. This is not required by law but is obligatory as the appraisal interview is covered by the service obligations attendance. Consequently, attendance is mandatory when a manager arranges for such a meeting.


In large units, where the manager has a large span of control, the personnel responsibility can be delegated.

Inviting and preparing for the appraisal interview

When inviting to the appraisal interview the manager sends the guide for the appraisal interview to the employee, so that both parts will join well prepared. Employees can make suggestions for other topics and questions that he / she wants to address during the conversation.

See "Checklist for inviting and preparing for the appraisal interview".

How to store information from the employee interview

The leader and employee agree on assessment from the interview, and both parties are responsible for following up. The written assessment must be stored in a safe place.

See "Data storage guide".

NTNU's guide and templates

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Law and regulations


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