Appraisal interview with international staff members

People from all over the world work at NTNU. Today, a quarter of the researchers at NTNU come from abroad.

Norsk versjon - Medarbeidersamtale med utenlandske ansatte

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Appraisal interviews are based on the principles of participation, co-determination and development, reflected in the Working Environment Act. For many international employees, the appraisal interview is new and unfamiliar territory, which presents challenges for both parties.

Different management styles

The relationship between employees and managers in Norway is different from many other countries. The Norwegian approach to management may be difficult to understand, especially for people who come from cultures where authority, command and control are normal aspects of leadership style.

Build trust gradually

For managers, it may therefore be challenging to communicate the aim of the appraisal interview and to create the openness and trust needed for the appraisal interview to be useful for both parties. One possible approach to the challenge is to focus on feedback and performance at the start of the appraisal interview, and gradually build the trust necessary for a “Norwegian appraisal”.

Topics that should be addressed

  • Working environment and collaboration: It is important to understand how employees are experiencing the work situation, the academic environment, their social network, and their trust in their manager and colleagues. The employee’s sense of belonging in the workplace is also important.
  • Life situation and social network: It is also important to know how the employee is managing outside the workplace: accommodation, family, social network and opportunities.

A checklist for appraisal interviews is available in English. It is important to adapt the topics that you want to discuss to the situation. For issues related to researcher mobility for international staff, you can contact NIRS for advice and guidance.


Kari Skarholt, Senior Advisor, HR- and HSE-Division

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