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Information about how to apply and criteria when applying for retirement pension or contractual early retirement pension scheme (AFP)

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Retirement pension

After you turn 67, you may apply for your retirement pension from the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (Statens pensjonskasse in Norwegian, or SPK). Your pension consists of an occupational pension from the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund and an retrirement pension from the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme (NAV).

Even if the retirement age is 67, you still have the right to remain in a position until the age of 70. Go to Senior policy

Retirement pensions are designed differently for different age groups. The biggest distinction is between those born in 1962 or earlier and those born in 1963 or later. Another distinction is between pension earnings before and after 2020.

Contractual pension (AFP)

Contractual pension (AFP) is an early retirement scheme for those born in 1962 or earlier. The scheme applies to those who are public employees and want to work reduced hours or retire when you are between 62 and 67 years old. For those of you who were born in 1963 or later, the regulations have not yet been agreed. Go to Statens pensjonskasse for information about conditions: AFP (Contractual pension) - Statens pensjonskasse (

When you turn 67, you will begin to receive a regular retirement pension.

How to apply for retirement pension

No later than three months before you retire:

  1. Report to your manager well before you retire.
  2. Submit a pension form in NTNU Help. In that form, you resign all or part of your position. The pension must have a start date of the 1st of one month.
  3. The Service Centre for payroll and HR will submit a pension notification form to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (SPK) no earlier than four months / no later than two months, before the start date of your pension.
  4. The Service Center will send you a letter with information about your pension and the way forward. There you will, among other things, be informed about what you as an employee must do, what the employer takes care of and what deadlines you must adhere to.

"Min side" (My page)

You can find an overview of your own pension figures at SPK, via "Min side" (in Norwegian only).This is a password-protected website and you log in via Altinn. You can also find information about your employment, your membership of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund and your earnings. This is a password-protected website and you log in via Altinn. By using the retirement calculator, you can check your options.

Payment of final settlement

You will be paid your accrued holiday pay (final settlement) on the main salary date the month you start your pension.

Pension payments

Pension funds are deposited into your bank account on the 20th of each month. If the 20th falls on a Friday, the funds will be deposited a day earlier. You don't need to provide a tax card to NAV, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, because the tax office will take care of this for you.

Pension rights

If you have worked in the private sector before, you may have several pension rights. Go to to find a comprehensive overview of your presumed pension rights. Here you will find an overview of rights both in the National Insurance Scheme, SPK, from private occupational pension schemes and individual agreements.

Pension calculator

Om beregning av pensjon - Statens pensjonskasse ( - Norwegian)

NTNU's senior courses

NTNU offers courses on retirement for employees with information about:

  • retirement policies
  • finances
  • health

New courses are posted on the Learning Portal and are for employees when they have turned 60 years old.

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