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Retirement and retirement policies for employees

Retirement -- apply for retirement

Retirement at age 67

Pension: Working after retirement age

Pension - contractual early retirement

Early retirement

Apply for early retirement (avtalefestet pensjon - AFP) before 67 years (different rules based on year of birth).

Pension - disability

Disability pension

Apply for a disability pension because of an illness or injury.

Pension -- pension calculator

Calculate your pension

Pension deductions

As an NTNU employee, you are deducted two per cent of your salary for contributions to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

Pension guidance

Please see the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund's web pages

The Norwegian National Insurance Scheme's basic pension amount

National Insurance Scheme table showing basic pension amounts (in Norwegian).

Description of how the Norwegian pension scheme works.

Pension - seniors' course

Seniors' course

Preparations for retirement (in Norwegian) -- a class for all employees who are older than 60.