Apply for leave from your position

Under certain conditions, employees may be granted internal leave to work in another position or work-related activity.

Norsk versjon - Permisjon for å jobbe i en annen stilling ved NTNU

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For employee: Apply for internal leave

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For employer: Send new employment contract

If the leave is granted, the employer at the local HR unit must create an employment contract for the new position and send it to the Service Center for Payroll and HR according to the routine for new hires (in Norwegian).

When can you get leave to work elsewhere at NTNU?

The decision lies with the employer's right to manage and must be assessed in relation to the specific unit's operational needs. The ability to fulfill the work during the period of leave will be important when the application is evaluated.

The general rule is that the new employment or activity is temporary. Therefore, it must be likely that you as an employee will return to the position from which you are seeking leave.

The leave period when transitioning to another permanent position should normally not exceed one year.

Additionally, the leave should serve both the employee and the employer. The temporary position or activity must therefore be relevant to the work in the unit where you normally work with NTNU. The following conditions must usually be met:

  • The temporary activity facilitates mutual transfer of knowledge between the employee's original workplace and the new environment, thereby stimulating or strengthening interaction between them.
  • Transitioning to a new temporary activity leads to professional renewal for the employee, which in turn benefits NTNU in terms of expertise.
  • The temporary activity can contribute to enhancing understanding of and familiarity with external operations relevant to NTNU.

More information about the rules for internal leave

When you submit the form in NTNU Help, it goes through the Service Center for Payroll and HR and then to your manager. Your manager will then either approve or reject the application. The documentation is stored in ePhorte.

You cannot appeal the decision

Decisions regarding leave are not individual decisions under the Administrative Procedures Act. Therefore, as an employee, you have no administrative right to appeal.

Position changes in the payroll system during internal leave

In NTNU's payroll system SAP, there is no leave type called "internal leave for another position." During the period of your leave, your main position will be changed to the temporary one. When the leave is completed, the main position will be changed back. The processing officer at the Service Center handles this registration.

If you are going to work in two units simultaneously

If the employee is to work partially in two different units, the position with the highest percentage of employment will be set as the main position in the payroll system, and the other position with a lower percentage of employment will be designated as a "secondary position."

Position seniority

When an employee takes up another position internally at NTNU, new position seniority is established for the new position. The position seniority in the regular position is put on hold during this period. When the employee returns to their regular position, they continue with the position seniority that applied when the leave started. This only applies to full internal leave. In the case of partial internal leave, new position seniority is obtained in the new position, and the position seniority in the regular position remains unchanged.


Contact the Service center for payroll and HR if you have any questions about this routine

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