Personal protective equipment

Use personal protective equipment if the work you are doing can cause danger of work-related illness or injury.

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Requirement to use protective equipment

You are required to use personal protective equipment if technical installations or operating processes do not provide satisfactory protection against risks of dangerous exposure. The unit must conduct a risk assessment in order to determine if there is a need to use personal protective equipment. Personal protective equipment and instructions for the use of personal equipment are produced by the unit. The protective equipment must be available where you work. Instructions for the use of protective equipment must be available on posters, safety data sheets and/or equipment cards. Contact whoever has the responsibility for the room for further information about this.

The manager is responsible for pointing out any failure by employees to use mandatory protective equipment. If the safety representative discovers that employees are failing to use mandatory protective equipment, the safety representative must alert the manager. The safety representative may stop work if there is a danger to life and health.


Each unit must have procedures for storage, maintenance, control and replacement of personal protective equipment if applicable. NTNU has a purchase agreement for protective safety equipment and clothing.


NTNU guidelines and regulations


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