Why you should use NTNU’s publishing tools for webpages

With a few exceptions, all public websites with NTNU as the sender must use NTNU’s publishing tools.

Norsk versjon: Hvorfor bruke NTNUs nettsted

There are several reasons why you should use NTNU’s official website publishing tools for official communication from NTNU.

  • When you use NTNU’s templates, graphic profile and web page with «NTNU» in the net address (URL), the web user is guaranteed that the web page is authoritative and secure.
  • The publishing tool is paid for, operated and updated by NTNU.
  • Search results are better when the web page is part of a bigger website.
  • Websites are mobile- and tablet-friendly (responsive).
  • You get access to user-friendly statistics and a quality publishing tool.
  • The websites comply with Norwegian legal regulations in requirements for universal design. This means that you also do not have to create and maintain an accessibility statement (Norw. ony) for the website, which is required by Norwegian law.
  • NTNU has a network of web staff who are trained to operate the publishing tool.
  • Web pages made using the NTNU publishing tools are protected against hacking and other data misuse.
  • You don’t have to pay for operating and maintaining these web pages if the content must be available for a certain number of years after the project is completed.
  • Privacy is safeguarded since NTNU does not allow Google tag manager and corresponding scripts that provide third-party information that violates privacy.
  • The National Library of Norway archives NTNU's websites regurarly, and you therefore do not have to think about compulsory submission (applies to all .no websites, and in additon for NTNU: pages under our English-language domain on

Which template should you use?

NTNU has two templates, a main template and an alternative template.

  • The main template has the NTNU standard top menu that reflects the area of the NTNU website with which the user is affiliated.
  • The alternative template does not have the NTNU standard top menu, but a toned-down profile and reflects its own content in the top menu. The alternative template is used for conference sites and projects where NTNU is one of the partners.

You can choose between different page templates in both the main template and the alternative template.

Other web solutions

  • Unofficial information: You can use and
  • International EU projects:
    • Always contact your webmaster when creating pages for your project.
    • EU projects usually have requirements for documentation of web pages for a certain number of years after the project is completed. It has happened that projects that have used external agencies have not been able to afford to pay the agency to meet documentation requirements and operate the web pages after the project is completed. It is therefore important that you check the documentation requirements and take these into consideration before you give the web job to an external agency.
    • EU projects often also require the use of a net address (URL) that ends with .eu, but this must be checked for your project. In this case, a redirect can be set up from the .eu URL to NTNU’s website so that you still can set up the project’s website on NTNU’s website.
  • Interaction: If you want an internal collaboration space for the project, please contact NTNU Help for tips and advice.

When can you use your own domain?

NTNU has a limited number of domains available on its quota. Please find more information about domains here: Domain names at NTNU.

Using an outside agency

Units or projects may need to use external agencies, either because there is shortage of network resources or because they need a specific functionality.

However, it is important that you contact your NTNU webmaster (in Norwegian) before you start to work with an external agency. Webmasters occasionally report that they end up doing extra work because an external agency hasn’t followed NTNU’s code, graphic profile, universal design requirements and more. You can avoid this by including your webmaster early in the process.

You need to use NTNU’s graphic profile if the unit or project is owned by NTNU or operated in a way that gives NTNU more than 50 per cent «ownership». You cannot use your own logo if it does not comply with NTNU logo templates.

Also, you cannot combine the NTNU logo or logo symbol with other symbols and forms to create a new logo.

For groups that want their own «visual signature», consider creating a graphic element that you can use in addition to the correct NTNU logo. This could be an illustration, a decorative frame, or something similar.

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