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Rooms for varied and flexible teaching and learning

Norsk versjon: Læringsareal til varierte undervisningsformer

Picture of flexible learning spaces

Learning area for flexible teaching methods

NTNU has several learning spaces/rooms that are designed to be use flexibly with different teaching methods. On this page, you will find information and an overview of the rooms that are specially adapted for student-active learning, multi-campus teaching and rooms that are reserved for group-based teaching on NTNU's campuses.

Student active learning

Student-active learning is when students are more active in the learning process, than in more traditional lectures. Examples of this are problem based learning, group work, collaboration and discussion activities.

This overview shows learning areas that are specially designed for student active teaching. This means that they have a good degree of flexibility in their set up. They are equipped with tables and chairs on wheels, group table layouts, adapted digital infrastructure, and whiteboards.

NTNU also has many traditional classrooms with flat floors and flexible furniture that can also be used for student active learning activities.

Multi-campus teaching

Multi-campus teaching is when students on different campuses can participate digitally in teaching at the same time. These learning spaces are equipped with Zoom Rooms (in Norwegian).

Session-based teaching

Session-based teaching means that teaching is concentrated in a period, and not throughout the semester. These learning arenas can, for example, be booked in hourly rates on certain days. These learning spaces are equipped for session-based teaching.

Pedagogical and technical support

Pedagogical guidance and inspiration for teaching in student-active learning areas will come here during MARCH 2021.

Pedagogical training and questions: Contact Excited (Gabrielle Hansen) or SEED (Guri Sivertsen Korpås)

Technical assistance: contact the Oracle Service

Technical and pedagogical training: Contact the Section for learning support via NTNU Help

Rooms for teaching: Data basis for teaching and course scheduling is reported via TP: Grunnlagsdata

Rooms can also be reserved for other uses. Use the room reservation system to book these rooms.

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