Registering titles in Cristin with the correct address

When you register your publications in Cristin, you need to make sure that you register the same address that you provided to the publication, to ensure that both you and NTNU get the credit each are due. See the National recommended guidelines. Norsk versjon - Riktig adresse for registrering i Cristin

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Addresses in publications

Authors from NTNU should give both NTNU and Norwegian University of Science and Technology as their address in academic publications. NTNU employees should credit NTNU as long as the publication is a product of work conducted as a part of their position at NTNU.


Author information
Department of xxx, Faculty of xxx, NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim (possibly Gjøvik or Ålesund), Norway.

In Norwegian:

Institutt/avdeling for xxx, Fakultet for xxx, NTNU – Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet, Trondheim (eller Ålesund/Gjøvik). 

Note that we use an en dash (–) between “NTNU” and the complete name on the University. On a PC, you can create an en dash using the keyboard combination Ctrl + the minus sign at the top right of the keyboard. On a Mac, you can use the keyboard combination Alt + - (hyphen). If you cannot find the dash on your keyboard, you can copy it from this page. 

Secondary position at another institution

NTNU employees who have a second position at another institution can also provide the address of their employer along with their NTNU address, as long as the publication is associated with research that was conducted as part of the secondary position.

Secondary position at  NTNU

Employees whose secondary position is at NTNU should provide NTNU as their address on the publication, as long as the research is associated with work done in that secondary position. The employee's main employer may also be given as an address if it is appropriate.

Externally salaried researchers with links to NTNU

Externally salaries employees are requested to include NTNU as an author address, in keeping with best practices for giving credit to research partners.

PhD candidates

PhD candidates who are employed at NTNU should follow the main rules for publication addresses and should provide NTNU as their author address. Externally financed PhD candidates should provide both NTNU and the main employer's address as their author address.


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