Read email with webmail

As a student or employee at NTNU, you can recieve, write and read e-mails directly in your browser with Webmail, or directly on your device with the Outlook application.

You also have access to your NTNU-calendar in the Webmail.

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Log in to Webmail for students and employees

 Log in to Webmail

Regardless of your affiliation at NTNU (student, employee, or student and employee), the portal login will remain the same.

First time signing in, you will need to log in with the format before being redirected to FEIDE.

Microsoft login page, use here

Use your NTNU-username and password.

Feide login page, use your NTNU username and password here

After you log in, you will automatically be in the inbox of your e-mail.

To access your OneDrive and applications included in the Office package, click the NTNU-logo at the top left corner.

New message

When you log in, you are automatically in your inbox.

To send a new message, press the New message-button in the top left corner.

Automatic replies

You can set up automatic replies to incoming mail in your Webmail.

Click the cogwheel and search for Automatic replies.

Click the cogwheel and search for automatic replies

From there on you can choose what your automatic reply will be, and the time period your automatic reply will last.

choose autoamitc reply messsage and time period your automatic reply will last

Filters / Folder structure

Right click on Folders on the left-hand side of the Webmail, and press Create new folder.

To create a subfolder, right click on the inbox folder on the left-hand side, choose Create new subfolder.

From here on you can name your folders after their purposes. In this example we will name it Blacboard.

right click on folders and create a new folder

To create a filter for incoming mail, click on the cogwheel on the right-hand side of the Webmail and search for Inbox rules.

click the cogwheel and search for inbox rules

Click on Add a new rule, name your rule and choose the rule-parameters.

In this example we have created a rule that moves all e-mails with Blackboard in the subject to the Blackboard-folder we have created.

adding a new rule where incoming mail with blackboard in the subject is moved to the blackboard folder

Calendar on Webmail

Your calendar is available in the Webmail through the Calendar-icon, which is shown on the left side of the page.

As an employee, the calendar will unlock further features such as the opportunity to reserve meeting rooms and equipment.

Changing language

Click the cogwheel at the right corner and search for Language and region.

clicking the cogwheel and searching for language and region

Here you can choose your preferred language and time zone.

choosing lanugae and time zone

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I can't write emails

If you are experiencing trouble with your Webmail, you can first check if cookies are turned on your web browser:

Google Chrome: Preferences → Settings → Privacy → Content settings

Mozilla Firefox: Tools → Options → Privacy → Cookies

Safari: Preferences → Security → Show Cookies

Opera: File → Preferences → Privacy → Cookies

Netscape: Edit→ Preferences → Advanced → Cookies

Microsoft edge: Tools → Internet options → Privacy

I do not receive emails

If you discover that someone has sent you an email but you have not received it, there may be several reasons for this problem:

Time - Email may seem like an instantaneous service, but it isn't. The amount of time it takes for you to receive an email can depend on a number of factors. For example, if the network has to handle a lot of spam, it can take several hours for your email to arrive.

Date - Check to see how your Inbox is organized. To see the most recent emails, you need to have your mail sorted according to Date. Click on Filter, Sort and then choose your preference for how your inbox will be sorted and filtered.

Spam filter - Sometimes your incoming mail may accidently be sent to your Junk folder. Check there, and if you find it, mark the source as trusted.

Quota - There are limits on how much you can save in Webmail. To see if you have reached your limit, log in and click on the cogwheel in the top right corner, search for Storage. Here you will be able to see how much storage you have available, and how much you have used. Students and employees have a quota of 100 GB.

Report suspicious e-mail

Inbox quota exceeded

Quoting in Emails


Orakel Support Services can help if you encounter difficulties.