Report suspicious e-mail

How to identify and report a suspicious e-mail. For employees and students.

Please report all suspicious e-mail to improve on our filtering and to handle the situations that might arise from them.

Norwegian version: Rapportering av mistenkelig e-post

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A suspicious e-mail contains one or more of the following list:

  • Unexpected email with an attachment.
  • Suspicious links. By hovering the link with the mouse without clicking, the address will reveal itself.
  • Email containing a request for personal information.
  • Credit card information.
  • Financial information.
  • Request of sensitive or secret information.
  • Username and password.
  • Misspelling(s) in the link.
  • Unusual long links.
  • Return address is apparently legitimate, but contains a request for bank transactions quick and/or secret.

If the email do not contain any of the mentioned criteria, but still is unwanted (SPAM) you may (as a temporary solution) report it using the steps below.

How to forward email as attachment

Using outlook

Highlight the message you want to forward. 

Press Home > Respond >More > Forward as Attachment, as shown below:

Enter in the address field and press Send

This is how the e- mail should look before you press send:

Using through a browser

Click the "..." in the upper right corner.

Click "View message details".

Copy the contents of the message details and send it to