Inbox quota exceeded

All students have an email storage quota of 100GB. Here is how to delete emails once that limit is reached.

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Email quota for students

As a student, you are allowed to store up to 100GB of information in your inbox. This includes all attachments and copies of emails. If you begin to receive warnings in the webmail-client that your quota is almost filled, it is a good idea to delete some emails. Remember that the Trash folder counts as part of the quota, so emptying it will free up space.

How to delete emails once quota is reached

You might have issues deleting emails once the quota is reached. This is because deleting an e-mail will copy it to the Trash folder. In order to delete email and free space, you will then have to do the steps specified below.

In Webmail

  1. Select Settings - Preferences
  2. Under Section, click Server settings.
  3. Add a check next to the selection If moving messages to Trash fails, delete them
  4. (Optional) Check next to the selection Clear Trash on logout
  5. Save your settings

In Thunderbird

  1. Find the option When I delete a message: under Tools - Account settings - Server settings
  2. Choose either Delete immediately or Mark as deleted
  3. You can also choose to check Empty trash on exit

Choose Compact files in the File menu to remove all messages marked for deletion.


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