Promotion to full professor

Associate professors with a 50% position or greater can apply for a promotion to a full professor position based on qualifications and expertise.

Norsk versjon - Opprykk til professor

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Applicant requirements

These requirements are regulated by Regulations concerning appointment and promotion to teaching and research posts.

  • Applicants must be appointed and have taken up a permanent position as Associate Professor or a fixed-term contract employment (§ 2-2 (1))
  • The applicant can only apply for a promotion in the discipline in which the applicant is employed (§ 2-2 (2)).
  • Applicants who have not been evaluated for a professorship or promotion to professorship within the last two years are entitled to such evaluation (§ 2-2 (6). The two-year rule applies from the application closing date for the professor promotion date or the advertised professor position. If the institution has not set a closing date, the two-year rule applies from the application date (§ 2-2 (6)).
  • If a professorship has been announced within his/her specialty at his/her own institution during the past two years, the two-year application deadline applies to the application deadline for this position (§ 2-2 (6)).
  • You will be assessed based on your documented scientific/artistic or pedagogical competence.

Documentation of educational competence

In addition to the requirements for basic competence for teaching and supervision at university and college level that are given for the position of associate professor, the following must be documented:

• Quality development in own teaching and supervision over time.

• Broad experience with supervision, preferably at master's/PhD level.

• Participation in work to develop quality of education in the academic community.

The educational competence must be documented in the form of a systematic and comprehensive presentation which must consist of a documentation part and a reflection part. The documentation section shows the applicant's completed courses and training that are relevant to teaching and highlights the applicant's teaching and supervision experience. Examples of documentation can be subject and study plans, pedagogical development work, evaluations of teaching, examples of thesis the applicant has supervised and possibly the applicant's scientific works related to teaching and learning. The reflection section shows the applicant's development over time and reflections on their own practice, teaching and learning views and plans for further development. NTNU's criteria for educational competence (full criteria in Norwegian):

  1. Participation in courses and training
  2. Roles in higher education
  3. Experience from education and supervision
  4. Contributions to education in the academic community
  5. Critical reflection on own teaching and supervision
  6. Progress over time
  7. Approach to education and learning

For professors, criteria 3, 4, 5 and 6 are expected to be met to a higher degree than for associate professors.

Tips for applicants on documentation of competence

It is recommended to familiarise oneself with the respective Faculty guidelines to the assessment committees and other guidelines that may apply to the applicant’s subject area.

NTNU will comply with the principles of the DORA declaration and the CoARA commitments about:

  • responsible assessment of research based on quality and impact, including responsible use of quantitative indicators and
  • recognition of a wider range of academic contributions to research and to the university’s social mission.

DORA and CoARA do not entail any change in the requirements for promotion, but he assessment committees are expected to adhere to these principles. For applicants, Universities Norway NOR-CAM is a recommended tool for competence and career development at NTNU, with good tips for documentation of competence and for the applicant’s description of relevant academic contributions and results. Similarly, the NTNU Staff regulations for teaching and research posts refer to DORA, CoARA, and NOR-CAM in connection with the assessment of applicants for teaching and research posts.



The deadline for applying is set by each faculty, possibly in collaboration with the sister faculty.


Faculty of Architecture and Design

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Contact: Wenche Olsen

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences

Contact: Sissel Sæther

Faculty of Economics and Management

Eligibility grants for women

All women in permanent positions as an associate professor can apply for an eligibility grant. Read more at Skill development stipend for female associate professors.