Payout of Erasmus scholarships

This page explains what you need to do to receive your Erasmus scholarship payout after you have been nominated as an Erasmus student.

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Financing for exchange studies.

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Students who are nominated by NTNU as Erasmus students will receive Erasmus scholarships. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will receive a confirmation by email.

Amount calculation

The amount of your grant payment depends on the destination country: The grant payment calculation uses the NOK exchange rate that was in effect when NTNU received the scholarship funds.

The amount of the scholarship payment is based on the exact start and end dates of your study abroad:

  • Start date: the start of the orientation/welcome week at the institution, or the official start of the semester. Students taking programmes taught in a language other than English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian or German can specify the start date of the language course abroad, but language courses cannot be included for other students.
  • End date: the last day on which you are present for education-related activities; for example, the last day of teaching or the date of the last exam.

Scholarship payout

NB! Exchange students who start their exchange the spring of 2024 will hand in their arrival/departure confirmations via Mobility-Online. You will be notified by email when this is set up.

Erasmus scholarships are paid in two rounds:

After you have uploaded the Arrival/Departure Confirmation, it normally takes 6-8 weeks before the scholarship is transferred to your account.

Reduction/withdrawal of scholarship

  • The scholarship amount is allocated on condition that NTNU receives funding from the EU.
  • The amount may be reduced if you receive a scholarship/grant from other sources (this does not apply to funding from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen)).
  • The scholarship will be withdrawn if you apply for leave of absence from NTNU for the period, or if you take a degree programme abroad.
  • If you cancel your studies abroad or if you end them earlier than planned, you will have to repay part of the scholarship.

Requirements for the duration of Erasmus exchange visits

  • Erasmus study period abroad: minimum 3 months, maximum 12 months
  • Erasmus traineeship abroad: minimum 2 months, maximum 12 months

If your exchange visit does not meet this requirement, you may lose the right to your scholarship.

Requirements for completed credits

You must have completed a minimum of 60 credits before your departure. You must notify your exchange coordinator if this requirement has not been fulfilled.

Tuition fees/semester fee

As an Erasmus student you do not pay tuition fees, but you may have to pay a semester fee to the educational institution. You must also pay semester fees to NTNU when you are on exchange.