Microsoft 365

Office 365 - Install on phone and tablet

This guide explains how to install Microsoft Office on your mobile device. For computers, we have made a seperate guide.

Norsk versjon - Office 365 - Installere på telefon og nettbrett

Install Office 365

Download Office 365 for Android

  • Open Google Play and search for "Office 365". The app should appear as the first result with the name "Microsoft Office Mobile".
  • Make sure that the publisher is "Microsoft". Click on the app an press “Install”

Download Office 365 for iPhone or iPad

  • Open App Store and search for Office 365. Every available program will appear as its own app, and you can choose which you wish to download.

Install Office 365 on phone and tablet

  • The first time you open the app, you'll be asked to provide an email address. This is your NTNU username followed by "".
  • Click on Next. You'll be asked to log into Innsida. You'll only have to do this once.
  • Når du har logget inn er oppsettet ferdig. Om du har installert OneDrive blir dine dokumenter koblet sammen til ditt OneDrive filområde

Install OneDrive

OneDrive can be installed on mobile devices the same way as other apps. It can be found on Android in Google Play, and on iPhone and iPad in Appstore. Open the app store and searh for "OneDrive". Make sure that the publisher is Microsoft. Press Install to begin installing.

The first time you start the app, you'll be asked to fill in your email address. Use your NTNU username followed by "". You will then be prompted to long on to Innsida, before the installing process has finished.

You're now able to access your files stored on the Office 365 network drive. If you have Office 365 on your phone, documents will automatically be saved to OneDrive.

Information Security

  • Office 365 is a cloud based service. Documents saved to OneDrive should be considered vulnerable, and you should consider the information security when using the service.

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