Master Thesis at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - MH

On this page you will find forms and guidelines for the master's thesis for students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MH).

Norsk versjon - Masteroppgave ved MH

Topic page about writing your master's thesis

Guidelines for the Master's Thesis at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Students who will submit their thesis must follow our guidelines for the master's thesis:

The guidelines are under revision and will be changed before the academic year 2024/2025. Please note that the submission date in the autumn semester has already been set to 15 November 2024. However, fully revised guidelines that will apply from 1 August 2024 will be published here well before the academic year starts.

Master's Thesis Agreement

When you have found a topic and a supervisor for your master's thesis, you must submit a digital master's thesis agreement. This includes a short project description. Some master's programmes also require that you submit a budget for your project. Your student advisor will tell you about the requirements for your programme.

Read the Instruction for filling out the master's thesis agreement before you submit the digital form.

 Fill out the digital master's thesis agreement

Registration for Exam

The master's thesis is like an ordinary course, and you must register for exam in the semester in which you will submit the thesis. The deadlines are 15 September in the autumn semester and 1 February in the spring semester.

Submitting your Thesis

The thesis is to be submitted electronically in *Inspera Assessment*. Before you do this, you should read our information about how to finalize your thesis for submission.

Deferred Deadline

In the event of sickness, childbirth or conscription, you must apply for a leave of absence. The deadline for submission of the thesis will then be extended corresponding to the period of the leave of absence granted.

For other compelling reasons, such as problems with data collection or illness of a shorter duration, you may apply at the department for a deferred deadline for submission of the thesis of up to three months. If you are not finished by the new deadline, it is possible to apply for an additional three months of deferment. It is not possible to apply for deferments more than twice.

Form for application for extended deadline for master's thesis (pdf)

Oral Examination

An oral examination will be held as soon as possible, and no later than three months after you have submitted the thesis. The oral examination is normally public. You will be notified about the time and place of the exam.

Assessment of the Thesis

The master’s thesis will be assessed by two examiners, of which at least one should be external. External examiner should not have had any employment at NTNU in the past year.

The examiners give a preliminary grade to the master's thesis prior to the oral exam. The oral exam can be used to adjust the grade of the written work by one grade up or down. The final grade is released immediately after the oral exam is held. You will only be made aware of the final grade.


You should submit your master's thesis only as a digital document. If you want to print your thesis for private use, your must pay for this yourself. Printing can be done at NTNU Grafisk senter.

Student Advisors

Programme of StudyStudent Advisor
MSc in Exercise PhysiologyPer-Erling Movik
MSc in Global HealthRagnhild Lier
MSc in Molecular MedicineMarit Barstad
MSc in NeuroscienceMussie Debessai
MSc in Physical Activity and Health - Exercise PhysiologyPer-Erling Movik
MSc in Physical Activity and Health - Movement ScienceMarit Terese Balstad
MSc in Physical Activity and Health - Occupational ScienceMarit Terese Balstad