Filling out the master agreement

Information regarding filling out the master agreement in SharePoint, and filling out the "standard agreement concerning work on a master's thesis done in cooperation with an organization".

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The master's agreement is a formalization of the agreement between the master student, the supervisor, and the department. It dictates the rights and responsibilities of each party. The master's study and the work on the master’s thesis itself are regulated by the Universitets- og høgskoleloven, NTNU’s academic regulations and the current study plan for the study program.

Processing: The agreement is processed in SharePoint. After the student submits it through Sharepoint, it will be sent through an approval path at NTNU. Meaning that the supervisor and the department will either approve or reject the agreement. See below.

Status: Information about the status of your agreement is found on the "Landing page" where you make the agreement, but notifications will be sent to your NTNU e-mail. Therefore, we advise you to check your email inbox regularly.

Signature required: When writing an agreement with a company or organisation outside NTNU a signature from the organization has to be obtained outside the system. You will receive a notification by e-mail if this is relevant to your master's agreement.

Fill out an agreement on writing a Thesis

How to fill out a master's agreement:

After clicking the button above, choose "New Agreement". When your agreement is submitted it will start its journey through the approval flow. You can only have one agreement in the approval flow at any time.

  1. If you don't have enough information to submit the agreement yet, you can fill out all the information you have, and then save it as a draft. To save as a draft you save without accepting the terms of agreement.
  2. Submit the agreement - accept the terms of the agreement to submit the agreement for approval.
  3. Revise the content of a rejected agreement, and resubmit.
  4. If you discover errors, withdraw the agreement and resubmit

Below you will find instructions on how to fill out the form. You can also find the same information in the form itself using the information buttons next to the fields.

Note! There may be  differences in the information for some of the faculties, and/or due to the choices you make.

How to withdraw the agreement and resubmit

If you discover errors in your submitted agreement, you can withdraw the agreement and then resubmit it.

1. Next to the agreement in SharePoint there is a link named "trekk tilbake avtalen/withdraw the agreement". Click the link and a new page will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. This will need a few seconds to load.

2. At this stage you can choose to start the withdrawal of the agreement by clicking "kjør fly/run flow". The first time you run this flow, you will have to log in using your NTNU user by clicking "continue".

3. A notification bar will appear below the menu informing you that the flow is progressing. When this message disappears your agreement changes status back to "utkast"(draft) and you'll be able to revise and resubmit the agreement

How to indicate you are writing the Thesis for an MSc in Technology

The Question About Whether you are Writing the Thesis as part of an MSc in Technology will be Visible for NV, IE, IV, AD, and ØK Faculties.

This field is used to calculate the submission deadline for students in an MSc in Technology degree. You will be asked to include the following information in the agreement. The X means there is a different addition in days for all programmes of study. If you are unsure of your submission date, please contact your department.

  • Abroad when writing If you write your thesis abroad, X days are added to your submission deadline.
  • Scientific Assistant or Teaching Assistant. If you are working as a scientific assistant or research assistant while writing your thesis, X days are added to your submission deadline.

How to indicate that you are a LUR student

It is possible to add the fact that you are a LUR student. This option is visible for the SU, NV, and IE Faculties

This makes it easier for the Faculty to keep track of the students at the study programme Lektorutdanning i realfag/Teacher training in science, as well as reminding you that you need to include the subjects you have chosen as part of your degree. Follow this link for questions about LUR.

Are you Cooperating with a Company or Organization outside NTNU?

You will be able to answer "yes" to this question in the system, and consequently fill out information that will result in a cooperation agreement with the company or organization in question. It will be digitally approved by you, the supervisor, and NTNU. The signature from the company or organization outside NTNU has to be secured outside the system. You'll receive an email when the agreement is ready for the signature (after the approvals by NTNU are digitally acquired)

  • Company or organization outside of NTNU The name of the business/external actor
  • Contact person at the company/organization The business must provide a contact person with the requisite advisory skills. This contact person shall provide the student with sufficient guidance in cooperation with the supervisor at NTNU. Please write the name of your contact person in this field, in the format First name Last name.
  • Expenses associated with carrying out the academic work The objective of the assignment is student work. The work is carried out as a part of the studies, and the student must not receive a formal salary or similar remuneration from the cooperating organization. If there are some expenses connected to the thesis work, such as expenses expected to be covered by the business, please describe these as detailed as possible here.
  • Delayed publication As a general rule, student assignments are public. However, in special circumstances, the publication of the whole or parts of the thesis can be delayed for a maximum of 3 – three – years. This means that the thesis is available only to the student and the cooperating organization during this period. In this field, you must choose between the preset options one, two or three years. Consult the organization and your supervisor at NTNU.
  • The grounds for delayed publication Please describe the reason for the need for delayed publication in as much detail as possible.

Standard fields in the master agreement:

Fields in the Form Explanations
Your Name

Is retrieved automatically from your login information

Your NTNU e-mail Is retrieved automatically from your login information
Your Date of Birth If not retrieved automatically, choose the correct date
Faculty T​he Faculty for which you a writing your master's thesis. If this not retrieved automatically, check the box for adding it manually
Department The department you are writing your master's thesis at. If this is not retrieved automatically, check the box for adding it manually
Subject Code Identified by its subject code, what topic is the task written on? This will be retrieved automatically, but you may have to choose between multiple choices.​ If it does not, check the box for adding it manually
Programme of Study Code Your thesis is written as part of a programme of study. All programmes of study have an identification code. This should be automatically retrieved. If it does not, check the box for adding it manually
Check to fill in Faculty, Department, Subject Code, and Programme of Study Code manually If you check this box you can add the fields manually if the information does not appear automatically for you, which can sometimes happen.
Starting date ​Starting date for the period you are writing your thesis. Not relevant for all study programmes. Contact your department for any questions about this.
Submission deadline Deadline for submission. Choose the correct date in this field.
The Working Title for the Thesis ​​This is the working title of your thesis. You will be able to set the final title when you submit your thesis in Inspera Assessment.​
Problem Description Problem description for the thesis.​ The problem description may change naturally as you work on your thesis. Please consult with your supervisor if your problem description changes.
Main Supervisor at NTNU The name of your supervisor at NTNU. Every master's agreement requires an NTNU person in this field. If you don't find your supervisor, please contact your department. Note that your supervisor might have a middle name unknown to you. If you only have a supervisor who is not employed at NTNU please contact your department.
Co-supervisor(s) at NTNU Do you have other supervisors than your main supervisor at NTNU? Please write the name here.​ This person will not receive a copy of your agreement. Any co-supervisors need to be approved by the Department. Check the box "fill in co-supervisors manually" if you cannot find the name of the person when searching.

Please fill in the names of any co-authors. Check the box "fill in co-author's name manually" if you cannot find the name of your co-author when searching. If you write the thesis on your own, please simply leave this field empty.

Are you Conducting a Risk Assessment? For some thesis projects, there should be conducted a risk assessment. Inquire with the department or your supervisor if you are unsure if you should conduct one. If you answer "yes" you will be asked whether you already have conducted the risk assessment. This is used by the Department to keep track. You can conduct one after submitting your agreement.
Are you Going to Apply for any Data Management Approvals? (REK, Sikt) For some thesis projects, it is necessary to apply for data management approval for the data collecting and management during the project. Contact your department or supervisor if you are unsure if this applies to you.
Are you Going to Write an Agreement on Confidentiality? Some external companies/ organizations will expect you to write an agreement on confidentiality due to the sensitivity of data or other information you are handling as part of your thesis. If you answer "yes" you will be asked whether you already have signed a confidentiality agreement. This is used by the Department to keep track. You also have the opportunity to do it after submitting your master's agreement.
Are you cooperating with a Company or Organization outside of NTNU?

I​f you are writing for a Company or Organization outside of NTNU, please choose "Yes". When answering "yes" you have to fill in additional information. See the drop-down menu at the top of the page named "Are you cooperating with a Company or Organization outside of NTNU" for more information.

Add Courses as a Part of the Master's Degree If you are attending a Programme of Study that requires you to choose subjects include them here. This also applies to the subjects you are taking until your degree is finished. This does not apply to all students. This will not be visible for students at the HF-Faculty and MSc in Technology students
Terms of agreement This field includes the Terms of Agreement- You have to check the box agree to the terms. You will not be able to submit your agreement without agreeing. If you're not finished revising you agreement, don't agree to the terms. You can then save the agreement without submitting it.
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