Illness during holiday leave

Information about your rights if you become ill before or during your holiday leave.

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What should I do if I get sick during my holiday leave?

If you get sick during your holiday leave, you can regain the days of holiday leave that you have lost. You must get a documentation from your doctor that you have been ill. Submit the medical certificate to your line manager immediately after you have returned to work.

Remember that holiday leave can only be replaced if you have 100% sick leave.

The right to regain your holiday leave applies only to your own illness. You do not regain your holiday leave if your children or other family members have been ill during your holiday leave.

Postponing holiday leave

If you become ill immediately before your holiday leave starts, you can postpone your holiday until later in the holiday year. A medical certificate must then be submitted at the latest on the last working day before the holiday leave starts. Holiday leave can only be replaced if you have 100% sick leave.

Holiday leave during absence due to illness

If you have been granted sick leave and still want to take holiday leave during the period of sick leave, this must be noted in the application for sickness benefits. The holiday leave period must also be recorded in the Self-service portal

If you become ill while you are on holiday abroad and you want to replace the holiday leave you have lost, you must consult a doctor at the place where you are staying. It is not enough to phone your regular doctor at home.

Regardless of where you are staying on holiday, if you get documentation from a doctor, your days of holiday leave will be replaced. However, the right to sickness benefits applies only if you are on holiday in Norway or the EEA. The documentation requirements will vary depending on the country in which you are staying. It is the employee's responsibility to obtain the correct documentation.

If you become ill in a country outside the EEA, you will only have the right to sickness benefits when you are back in Norway and receive a medical certificate from a Norwegian doctor.

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