Copyright in theses

Copyright protects literary or artistic works of any kind. When you write a text, or create a work of art of any kind, you have the copyright. The copyright is created as part of making the work of art, it does not require a registration. The period of protection runs from the work of art is created, throughout the creator’s life and 70 years after his or her year of death.

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If you have the copyright of a text

When you’ve written a text, for instance a thesis, you have the copyright. You can administer the copyright in the way you wish.

  • Read more about the Copyright Act at WIPO (Norwegian version is at

Use of pictures, photos or illustrations

Digital disclosure of pictures / photos (defined as art) in theses is to a large extent covered by BONO, the Norwegian Visual Artist Copyright Society.

Other questions can be directed to BONO via email.

If you want to use material that is not covered by BONO, you need to request permission by the rightsholder to use the material (in Norwegian only).

Read more about copyright and use of images at "Search & write".


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