Collaboration groups

Students that form a group may apply for a collaboration group on our servers, this is done in a system called Enkel samhandling. In this context, a collaboration group may range all the way from a small project group to a large student organization. These groups are not designed to be used by employees but can be of use in some cases.

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Collaboration groups

Student organization

Student organizations are defined as large groups with more than 15 members that are planned to exist for a long period of time.

Project groups

Project groups are meant for projects involving three or more persons. These project groups usually have a longer planned lifespan than personal groups described below.

Personal groups

Personal groups are meant for two or three persons that wants to exchange files in a short time span. These groups also apply to those who want to create personal mailing lists.

Employee groups (for staff)

These groups are designed for employees at NTNU, or groups and projects financed by NTNU.

File storage

Soon after the group has been approved, the file storage will be available with the address:

You may consult our guides on how to connect to this area which can be found here:

Web domains

Soon after the group has been approved the web server location will be available with the address:

You may consult our guides on how to connect to this area which can be found here:

Files and folders in this location will be available on the World Wide Web and can be used to create a web site. This web site is available with the address

Email lists

Groups that want email lists may create these in Sympa. All members can create email lists and manage them. The lists will be created under the domain:

To view and manage your email lists, visit select your domain.

Group administration

Collaboration group are being handled in a tool called *Groupadmin*. Groupadmin supports Norwegian, English, German and Spanish language, you may select your preferred language in the main menu as shown below.


You can apply for a collaboration group, this is done in Groupadmin, which is found at, then click "Apply for new group". You will then have to fill out a form containing information about the collaboration group you want. You may find additional information about the fields by hovering over the blue information button next to the field.

Manage group members and admins

Group administrators has the power to add or remove users from the group, in addition to decide what members that should have admin privileges. The person who applied for the group will be the initial administrator of the group.

To manage group members, please go to Groupadmin and select "Group administration". Here administrators may add members and administrators (admins) to the group by their username, this is done by entering their username in the field next to "Add members".

If you're unsure about someone's username, you may find it by searching the person on Innsida. The username will be visible as part of the page URL, or as part of the users email address.

You may also award a member of the group admin rights, this is done by checking the admin checkbox next to the member's name.
Changes are saved by pressing the "Modify group" button.


The official rules for collaboration groups may be consulted in the Norwegian version of this article, however the most important points are mentioned below.

One person should be named contact person of the group. This person must be a student at NTNU and will be held accountable by NTNU regarding the collaboration group and the stored content.

The group should follow the rules stated in the *NTNU ICT regulations*, Norwegian laws, and common ethical standards.

All groups should be renewed by the start of the autumn term. This is done by updating and confirming the member list of the group. Failure in doing so within two months after the start of the autumn term may result in the group being deleted.

NTNU IT reserves the right to perform necessary actions without prior warnings if any misuse or breaches of IT regulations or Norwegian laws occur.


Orakel Support Services may help you if you're encountering problems or have questions.