Career support and development for postdocs

This page provides an overview over career development instruments and other resources available for current and prospective postdocs at NTNU. As an employer, NTNU wishes to systematically, and actively, support the career development of all its postdoctoral researchers in order to guarantee a positive postdoc experience at NTNU and to maximize their future career opportunities and perspectives.

Norsk versjon: Karriereutvikling for postdoktorer

Courses and seminars 2024:

Courses and seminars will be announced on NTNUs Skills development and courses pages («Læringsportalen»)

NTNUs Educational Development Unit («Uniped») also organizes relevant courses, see Unipeds optional modules in pedagogical basic competence (offered both in English and in Norwegian).

Extensions due to the coronavirus pandemic

Extensions for postdocs due to the coronavirus pandemic

Long-term goals for career support and development

By establishing a new and more holistic career support and career development policy, NTNU aims to:

  • Provide postdocs with optimal career development support during their appointment at NTNU, in order to help postdoctoral researchers to maximize their future career opportunities.
  • Offer a range of instruments that can contribute to a positive and successful postdoctoral experience (strengthening research, education and innovation), for both the individual postdoctoral candidate as well as the employer.

The Postdoc Action

«The Postdoc Action» was initiated by The University Research Committee and launched in 2017. Read more about the NTNU Postdoc Action Pilot and its goals. Read Information about the Postdoc Action Pilot Project and Final report Postdoc Action Pilot Project.


  • Postdoc employee dialogue: The dialogue is an annual employee interview with a close leader. It should serve as a foundation for career strategy, employee development and mapping of the working environment.
  • Career plan for postdocs: A career plan is an awareness process and documentation that clarifies one’s career goals. It will be followed up regularly in annual employee interviews.

The NTNU Postdoc Action Pilot project has developed these templates, which will be further evaluated and adjusted. These templates may already be used by all postdocs at NTNU, and can freely be adjusted by and tailored to the situation of the individual postdoc.

Online resources

the following online resources may also be relevant for current and prospective postdocs at NTNU, seeking to maximize their career opportunities.

Career development and job application resources

Other resources for current and prospective postdocs at NTNU


  • For questions related to centrally offered career development instruments or feedback to this website:
    Contact Kristin Skjeldestad, HR- and HSE Division
  • For questions related to the individual disciplines at the faculties and institutes:
    Contact the respective unit directly. See overview of all units at NTNU.