Apply for funds and scholarships from NTNUs foundation board

Employees and students can apply for academic, scientific and a number of other stipends via the website The board of NTNU’s foundations has over 30 foundations, funds and scholarships that you may apply for monetary support from.

Norsk versjon: Søk stipender og legater fra NTNUs fondsstyre

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Application deadlines

All foundations begin advertising their stipend on February 1. The application deadline is March 1. Henrik Homan's foundation (in Norwegian) awards an addition round of stipends which are advertised starting September 1, with an application deadline of October 1.

Searching in the foundation and fund database

Search for monetary support via Unifor's website.

On this website you can search in NTNU’s list of foundations, funds and scholarships. You need to create a user on to apply for funds.

How the scholarships at NTNU are distributed

The board of NTNU’s foundations administrates the foundations and has the final say in the distribution of the funds.

Unifor is an organisation that manages foundations and scholarships. Unifor handles advertising, collecting and processing the applications. Unifor follows the same guidelines for the investment of funds as the State pension fund.

Contact information

Gunhild M. Standal, HR division