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Add publications to your profile

Publications you register in Cristin will automatically be included on your profile page, but you can easily adjust the list.

Norsk versjon: Publikasjoner på Min profil
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Display options

You have three options:

  • Show publications (standard). All publications selected will be shown.
  • Show publications but adjust the list. Uncheck publications you wish to hide. Anyone who wants a full list can use the link.
  • Hide publications. All of your publications will be hidden until you choose otherwise.

New publications you register in the Cristin database will be visible on your employee page within 24 hours, unless you have chosen to hide all publications.

Sorting options

Any publications you choose to show will be presented chronologically, and grouped by publication year. Your public profile also offers visitors an option of sorting your list by type, and provides a link to all your activities in Cristin for those who are interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

An article is missing. Why?

Make sure that all activity is registered in Cristin. If everything is in order, the article should be visible in your profile. If you've just recently registered an article, wait at least 24 hours for the profile system to detect the addition.

Someone else's publications appear on my list. How do I fix that?

This is usually a result of incorrectly registered publications in Cristin. Contact your department's Cristin super user for help with fixing the registration. Changes made in Cristin will reflect on your profile within 24 hours of the fix.

Why can't I log into Cristin?

Not all employees have automatic access to Cristin. Your department's Cristin super user can register you if you need access.


Get in touch via NTNU Hjelp if you have questions.