Student ved IDI

Utveksling - IDI

Informasjon for studenter ved Institutt for datateknologi og informatikk (IDI), campus Trondheim, som skal søke om utveksling i utlandet.

Step 1: Getting started

Read information about choice of university at NTNUs official pages for exchange students (Innsida).
Ensure that the chosen university can provide good coverage for the Compulsory courses of your study program.

Step 2: Requirements

  • 30SP (60SP) of courses per semester (year).
  • The GNAG database shows how to convert credits abroad to SPs.
  • Provide links to course descriptions (not just course name).
  • Provide mapping of chosen courses to NTNU courses to gain exemption for these courses.
  • Ensure that courses selected are going to be taught that semester, if possible

Step 3: Approval Process

Read the instructions carefully. If you have any questions contact


  • Provides a guarantee that the pre-approved courses will be approved as part of your degree program on your return.
  • Is required by Lånekassen when applying for grants and loans. See: Pre-approval step by step [link further down]
  • Deadlines : 15th September, 1st February (these deadlines are for submitting the pre-approval form to

Adjusted pre-approval (sometimes necessary)

Apply for approval for course swapping whilst abroad, if required. Provides a guarantee that the required changes to your pre-approved courses will be approved as part of your degree program on your return.

Apply to

  • Use email; there is no form to fill in
  • Include your studieprogram
  • Include for each change required:
    • Which course is to be removed
    • Which course is to replace the course
    • Which NTNU course the new course is to be mapped to.

Deadline: apply as soon as you are aware there is an issue in your timetable



  • If changes to pre-approved courses apply for post-approval to
  • If no changes to pre-approved courses no signed post-approval is required
  • Send post-approval form and transcripts to

For all other students at IDI:

  • Apply using the post approval form
    • Note: Under Studieprogram add specialization, if relevant
  • Submit to utveksling@idi.ntnu.noand include:
    • Pre-approval
    • Any email approvals due to swapping courses if you had to adjust pre-approval from abroad
    • Transcript from your study abroad
    • Post approval
  • After post-approval submit to and include:
    • Pre-approval
    • Transcripts
    • Post-approval

Note: Registration of transcripts may take some time.You will receive an email when it is completed


  • 1st October (spring term)
  • 1st Mars (autumn term)

More information on post-approval, see

Step 4: Pre-approval step-by-step

  1. Find a university: Studiested i utlandet
  2. Ensure that your choice of university offers courses that closely match your compulsory courses (O) for your study program.
  3. Check the The GNAG database to find out how to convert course credits to NTNU (ECTS) credits. Note that masters courses and bachelor courses may require different conversions.
  4. Check your study program requirements:

For Compulsory Courses (essential learning for your study program):

  • a. Look up NTNU course description
  • b. Look for a close match at your chosen university

For Elective Courses:

  • You may choose elective courses other than those listed in the study plan that meet the elective requirements.
  • When choosing an elective course, you need to also select an NTNU course to map to
  • Note that a course mapping may be dependent on other course choices that contributes to the required knowledge

For Customer Driven Project (relevant for students at MTDT and MIDT)

  • Teamwork in focus
  • 15SP of Practical Computing Courses or 15SP of Practical Computing and Project leadership courses.

For Experts in Teamwork (EiT) (relevant for students at Master's level)

  • Teamwork in focus
  • Preferably (but not compulsory) interdisciplinary
  • 7.5SP Project-based teams
  • Only students that are on exchange in the spring of their fourth year can substitute EiT with another similar course on exchange.

For "IaS" and "K-emne" (relevant for students at MTDT and MIDT

  • You may choose "IaS" and "K-emne" courses other than those listed in the study plan that meet the respective requirements.
  • You are required to find appropriate NTNU courses to match the courses chosen.

Get, fill out, and submit the form

  • Go to the online pre-approval form and fill it in.
    • Press "send inn skjema",
    • Click the resulting button for "download" and save the pdf "tilleggsskjema". Example pre-approval template.
  • Fill in the pdf.
    • Ensure you have working links for all course choices and test that the links work when you add them to the form.
    • In comments: Provide comments if you are not following the normal study progression for the semester(s).
    • Additional Information required for students at MSIT, MTDT and MIDT
      • Under "Study programme at NTNU"add your specialization: e.g. MTDT databases and search
      • In section 3: Add the explicit mapping of each course to an NTNU course. e.g. 10300 Image Processing and Deep Learning TDT4265 Note: You may need one or more courses to map the NTNU course.
      • In section 4: Add the course type e.g. TDT4265 Computer Vision and Deep Learning (Elective).
  • Submit to
    • If the form is filled in incorrectly a student adviser will guide you to correctly filling in the form.
    • If there are issues with the proposed mappings an adviser will help you resolve them.
    • If the everything is correct the form will be signed and sent you by email.
  • Upload to Mobility-Online and inform your student adviser at the IE faculty

Step 5: Applying to second choice schools

Only one pre-approval application can be submitted at a time. If, and only if your first choice is rejected: Apply for pre-approval of your second choice. See the Approval Process above for mor information.


Contact if you have further questions