Special examination arrangements

If you have a health problem or a disability which may lead to disadvantages during your exam, you may apply for special arrangements.

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Deadlines for applying:

  • 15th September in the autumn semester
  • 15th February in the spring semester (does also apply for re-sit exams in August)

If you do not have your documentation before the deadline, you can still apply and send the documentation later. Please submit your documentation within October 10th/March 10th.

Examples of special arrangements

We try to find special arrangements adapted to your specific need. We do not have a complete list of arrangements, but here are some examples of special arrangements:

  • Extended examination time
  • PC
  • Literacy support for dyslexics
  • Adjustable desk
  • Smaller examination room
  • Access to a room for resting

Apply for special examination arrangements

Apply by filling in this application form (PDF). Submit the application with documentation via eDialog. Log in using Min-ID.

A step-by-step guide on how to apply can be found here.

Documentation is submitted through eDialog in the same way as the application. Please use this form as documentation.

If you do not have Min-ID, you may fill out and submit your application physically to:

The title for the application in eDialog MUST be written in the following format:

Studentnumber – study program code –  campus city – Application for special examination arrangements

Important! Do not submit the application form and your documentation by email. Due to the content of sensitive personal information, we will not process applications sent by email.


Examples of approved documentation are statements from a doctor, psychologist, speech therapist, physical therapist, or another authorized health care provider.

  • The documentation must explain how your health problem or disability gives you a disadvantage during the exam. For example, how the examination time is affected.
  • In the application form, you will find a description of documentation requirements. You will also find a doctor’s certificate form. Bring this form to a doctor or another authorized health care provider.

Reading and writing impairment: If you have Dyslexia, we need a report from a speech therapist etc. We do not accept a doctor’s certificate.

Continuing Education (NTNU VIDERE)

Are you a student at NTNU’s Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Development?
Please contact:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 73 59 66 43


If you become acutely ill or injured after the deadline, your needs will be addressed if possible.

In these cases, you must apply for special arrangements as soon as the need occurs. You must provide documentation which states that your need for special arrangements occurred after the deadline.

If we are unable to give you special arrangements for the current exam, you may apply for legitimate absence. See illness during exam

Use our application form. See: “Apply for special examination arrangements”.

Information regarding reading and writing impairment/Dyslexia

Literacy support for dyslexics:

NTNU currently offers Lingdys. The software is installed in all our examination computers. If you are granted literacy support for dyslexics, you will have access to Lingdys.

NTNU offers courses in Lingdys. Please find more information here

Certificate for dyslexia:
In the past, it has been possible to get a dyslexia certificate attached to the exam answer. This program is in the process of being phased out as it was introduced at a time when school examinations took place on paper without further accommidations. In the current situation, extended time and writing support are used as accommidations after professional assessment, and therefore certificates are no longer attached. If you have a still valid grant that specifically entitles you to a certificate, you can contact us at and at the same time fill in the following form: Dyslexia certificate for examiner (NB: Presupposes a granted claim)

Allergy of pollen

Allergies is not considered to give you an unreasonable disadvantage during exams.

However, in severe cases of allergies we may grant you extended examination time. Your documentation must describe the following:

  • that your allergies are severe
  • what type of pollen you are allergic to
  • how your allergies affect the examination time

Response to your application

You will get a response to your application well in advance of your exams.

When your application is processed, you will receive a letter of decision. The letter contains important information regarding the special arrangements you have been granted. We recommend that you read the letter thoroughly and contact us if you have any questions.

See what you have been granted

Please check Studentweb to see what arrangements you have been granted. The special examination arrangements will appear under Active courses and Upcoming events.

Contact information

Do you have questions regarding special examination arrangements? Please contact us:

  • Trondheim: NTNU Accommodations Office, NTNU help
  • Gjøvik: Education section, Studenttorget v/NTNU i Gjøvik – Tilretteleggingstjenesten
  • Ålesund: Seksjon for Utdanning, A student adviser at your department or NTNU Tilrettelegging v/Ålesund may also help you

You may also use our contact form in NTNU Hjelp

Contact form questions

Use NTNU username and password (Feide)