What are the ICT-regulations

The ICT regulations contain the rules that you are required to adhere to when you use NTNUs ICT systems. The ICT regulations must be accepted before you can activate your user account.

Norsk versjon - Hva er IKT-reglementet

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Accepting the ICT-regulations

Students must accept the ICT-regulations when activating their user for the first time.

Employees and others who are granted access to NTNU ICT systems must also accept the ICT regulations. This is done when signing a contract of employment, access agreement or on request if ICT-regulations change.

Breach of the ICT-regulations

NTNU is held responsible for any misuse or illegal activities on NTNUs network.

For this reason, please be aware that misuse of the network can result in quarantine.

Examples of violations can be:

  • download of copy-protected material
  • abuse of ICT infrastructure for your own gain

If you have any questions, please see the ICT regulations.


Orakel Support Services can help if you encounter difficulties.