Tilbake Editorial guidelines for the Innsida message system

Criteria for providing content to the "All students", "All employees" and study programme message channels on Innsida. Norsk versjon - Redaksjonelle retningslinjer for meldingssystemet i Innsida

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  • We do not normally post messages from people who are not associated in some way with NTNU.
  • The message system should not be used to share advertisements for companies or other commercial organizations.
  • We do not post vacancies or job announcements from external businesses or groups.

Information for "All employees"

The editorial team for "Messages to all employees" on Innsida can be reached via NTNU Help.

This message channel is intended for:

  • Information from NTNU's leadership and general organizational information
  • Information that is considered to be of general interest and that concerns most of the university's employees
  • The editorial team may also publish messages that contribute to the general enjoyment, culture, and well-being of the university

Information for "All students"

Items that you would like published on the "All students" message channels should be sent to NTNU Help.

This message channel is designed for information that concerns most students. This is where students should expect to find information about:

  • Issues related to studies
  • Student life
  • Information from NTNU's leadership and general organizational information
  • The editoral team may also publish messages that contribute to the general enjoyment, culture and well-being of the university


Messages are written mainly in the Norwegian language with the exception of channels where there are also foreign target groups. In the latter case, both languages apply.

Contact person for messages

Any message that is sent to all students or all employees must contain a contact person who is responsible for the content of the message. If, for example, the message is being published on behalf of the Personnel Division, there must be a contact address (email) listed at the bottom of the text for people who have questions or commentary on the message contents.

Information for study programme message channel

Messages posted to the Study Programme channel should mainly concern:

  • Studies programme
  • Course of studies
  • Deadlines
  • Choices and possibilities

The studies programme channel makes it possible to reach students who share academic interest, and allows for the use of the channel to reach these students with practical information that is relevant to them.

This also concerns information that is specific to NTNU's different campuses, such as messages concerning power interruptions at Dragvoll or the closure of specific computer labs at Gløshaugen.

Information that is not appropriate for the study programme channel

Students cannot unsubscribe from the studies programme channel. This means that we strive to avoid loading the message channel with information that is irrelevant for users.

Information such as general news, the award of prizes, cultural arrangements, PhD defences, housing offerings, greetings from the administration and the like are not normally published on the studies programme channe.

Many different individuals manage information for the study programme channel

A number of different individuals or groups may find it appropriate or necessary to publish/manage information on the study programme channel, not just the faculties or departments. This may include the central web editors, the Studies Division, the examinations office, the University Library, and so on.

Different groups can be targeted

The Innsida 2.0 messaging system allows us to reach specific groups, such as:

  • PhD candidates
  • All physics students at the bachelor's or master's student level
  • Students who are pursuing a one-year programme
  • Employees who work at different research centres at NTNU

The following message channels are available

We have created an overview of established, shared message channels (in Norwegian). It is searchable and is also found under the "NTNU" tab in the bookmarks box on "My page" (see screenshot below).

Chief editor

  • Innsida is operated by the NTNU Communication Division.
  • The editor is NTNU's web editor Tone Kvenild.
  • The chief editor, Communication Division.