TSD - Services for Sensitive Data

On this page you will find basic information about Services for Sensitive Data (TSD), as well as links to additional information about the service and how you can use it.

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About TSD

TSD is a secure, private cloud with a full set of services for the collection, storage and analysis of sensitive research data that requires a high level of security. TSD is developed and operated by UiO and is used by researchers at several national research institutions, including NTNU.

TSD provides:

  • Secure project area
  • Integrated form solution to collect sensitive data (Nettskjema)
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Arranged for collaboration with external partners.
  • Fullfills the law's strict requirements for processing and storing sensitive research data.
  • The only cloud-based solution that NTNU IT can recommend for strictly confidential data.
  • TSD offers a wide range of software, databases, video analysis tools, automated data processing, heavy computing, and backup.

When should I use TSD?

The information you process and share has different needs for security and shielding, based on how valuable it is. The information must be classified to identify the level of value and which security measures are necessary. TSD will be appropriate to use for information/data in the confidentiality classes Confidential and Strictly Confidential.

The storage guide can help you choose the most appropriate storage service for your needs.

If you would like to discuss data handling and the choice of storage service for your research project, you can contact Research Data @NTNU.

Agreement for NTNU

NTNU has entered into an agreement with the University of Oslo (UiO) on the use of the TSD 2.0 service. Among other things, TSD supports the secure storage of sensitive personal data, including health data. NTNU has so far bought space for 60 projects.

The basic license is covered by the IT Division (1TB of storage, as well as access to machine power and tools according to UiO's description). Functionality/orders beyond the basics cannot be covered by the IT Division's funds.

Needs beyond the basic license are considered research infrastructure/e-infrastructure that the research project/unit (for example, department or similar) must cover itself.

Questions about the agreement may be directed to NTNU Help.

How do I get access?

See information on registering a new project in TSD and form for electronic application.

System description

See simplified system description of TSD on UiO's website.

Help and user manuals

UiO offers user support on the service during normal working hours. They also supply user manuals, training on request, and help when needed for software/computing capacity and other additional services that can be agreed to be used in TSD.

If you have technical questions or need technical help, you can contact TSD technical support.

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