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Order books for your course

You can order books for your course's reading list by sending e-mail to the current bookstore or professional in the bookstore.

See contact info (in Norwegian):

Employees in Gjøvik, please send email to Akademika Gjøvik:

Employees in Ålesund, please send email to Akademika Ålesund:

Make your reading list digital?

Get started by registering your digital reading list in Blackboard.

Overview of all published digital reading lists.

Where should the reading list be delivered?

The faculties have different practices and deadlines for the delivery of reading lists. Contact your department.

When can the reading list be registered in Leganto?

As soon as the course rooms in Blackboard are available, the course coordinator can register reading lists in Leganto from Blackboard.

Printed book extracts and articles

Include printed book extracts and articles in the syllabus

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