Include printed book extracts and articles in the syllabus

This page provides information from the NTNU University Library about guidelines for including copied book extracts or printed articles (compendia) in a course syllabus at NTNU.

Links to resources and journal articles available online must be added directly in the learning platform.

Norsk versjon - Inkludere trykte bokutdrag og artikler i pensum

Universal Design

NTNU University Library processes copied book extracts and articles to be universally designed. This will enable students to access the content in alternative formats, such as ePub and audio through Blackboard Ally.

Make sure the quality of your copies is good. Send as neat copies as possible and avoid handwritten comments and underlining to ensure a best possible result of universal design.

The extracts will be delivered in a folder with each text as a separate file. It is important that the compendium files are uploaded into Blackboard for the students to have the opportunity to access alternative formats via Ally.

The Kopinor Agreement

The rights to copy and and reuse text and other material protected by The Copyright Law is regulated through The Kopinor Agreement for Higher Education Institutions. The agreement regulates the right to copy from all published material, Norwegian and foreign, such as books, journals, magazines, newspaper and more, as well as Internet content.

Book extracts to be copied and made available for students or course participants must be registered in Bolk for copy clearance. At NTNU, The University Library is responsible for registration of the copied material in Bolk. Bolk is the Kopinor system for copyright clearance.

It is allowed to copy up to 15% of a publication’s total number of pages for each student and course participant. If the book extract exceeds 15% of the number of pages, we need to obtain a permission from the relevant rights holders for the entire extract, and this will incur costs that will be invoiced to the faculty.

How to order compendiums and registration in Bolk

Use our order form in NTNU Help and fill out:

  • Name of the course coordinator.
  • Course code and course name
  • Course academic semester and year.
  • Updated content list as a Word file with references for the book extracts (remember to add page numbers).
  • Good copies of the book extracts you want to share, as a PDF file. If an excerpt has been used in a previous order, you do not need to send it again.

The NTNU University Library makes sure to:

  • Register and clear the extracts in Bolk in accordance with the Kopinor agreement.
  • Mark all extracts with a copyright notice.
  • Process copied extracts so that they are universally formatted.
  • Deliver the extracts to the course coordinator.

The course coordinator makes sure to:

  • Upload the text extracts in Blackboard and/or Leganto.


In order to have the extracts registered in Bolk and processed so that they become universally designed by the start of the semester, the University Library has the following guarantee deadlines:

1st May for the autumn semester
1st November for the spring semester

Orders we receive after these deadlines will be produced in the order received.


  • Do you have questions about including printed book extracts and articles in the syllabus? Contact NTNU University Library in NTNU Hjelp
  • Contact your local library- if you have other questions

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