Short-term booking of campus areas

Norsk versjon - Lån av lokaler

See also area regulations at NTNU and Guidelines for the use of campus areas

Regulations relating to short-term booking of events

Events and activities that are part of NTNU’s core business: research, education, innovation and communication; can be held in venues at NTNU.

These can book venues:

  • Employees and students at NTNU
  • Faculties and institutes
  • External organisations, companies and NTNU’s service providers

Courses and conferences held by external organisations and companies

Events hosted by external organisations and companies where the attendees pay to participate require a special contract with NTNU.


Food in common areas requires a special permission.
For more information see Guidelines for the use of campus areas


External organisations are not allowed to advertise inside or close to any of NTNU’s venues. Exceptions to this are corporate presentations aimed at student recruitment.


The organiser must not drink alcohol during the event and must be present before, during and after the event.

The organiser must also ensure that the event is organised in such a way that it does not violate fire protection protocol, that it respects the ban on smoking indoors and that it follows the alcohol laws of Norway.

The organiser must, prior to the event, familiarise himself/herself with the emergency exits, the fire alarms and the fire extinguishers. In the event of a fire alarm and a call-out of the emergency services, the expenses are charged to the organiser.

The organiser must also ensure that the number of participants does not exceed the amount of people allowed at the venue.

The organiser must also ensure that intruders are not given access to the building or area. Participants at the event must not have access to any other areas than those made available as part of the event.

Unless otherwise agreed, rooms should be vacated at 23:00 at the latest. All events must be finished at 2:00 at the latest.

Also see area regulations

Events that require additional cleaning and security

The Property Division will decide on a case-by-case basis if additional cleaning or security is necessary; the decision is based on the kind of event, the type of venue and the number of participants. This is settled with the applicant before the application is approved. All expenses in connection with additional cleaning or security is covered by the applicant.

Gjøvik and Ålesund

For inquiries about use of areas for smaller events at Gjøvik, please send to: (no need to fill out the form below).

For inquiries about use of areas for smaller events in Ålesund, please send to: (no need to fill out the form below).

Apply to use areas for events

  • You need to send an application formif you want to lease a part of a building for courses or conferences.
  • Put up a booth (indoors or outdoors) or put up banners you need to send this application form

The application must include the following

All of the information below must be included for the application to be processed:

  1. Number of participants. Events with more than 50 participants require a risk analysis. The risk analysis must answer three simple questions:
    - What can go wrong?
    - What can be done to prevent it from going wrong?
    - What do we do if things still go wrong?
    The risk analysis should also consider the following elements: Organization of the premises, location of installations, fire safety, escape routes, security and first aid equipment.
  2. Brief description of the event
  3. Your affiliation with NTNU
  4. Contact information (name, phone number, e-mail) to the person responsible at the event
  5. Time and duration of the event
  6. Prospective access to the areas after working hours
  7. Confirmation that you have read and accepted the area regulations at NTNU.
  8. Enter cost place (k.sted) or invoice adress for additional cleaning or security

Book a booth location

If you want to book a stand, send in an application via this website: Apply for a stand (choose "Resource booking")

On the maps below you can see where you can book a location for stands :


Building Safety at Gløshaugen

Building Safety at Dragvoll

Also see