Setting up your email account in Outlook

Here is how you set up Outlook to work with your NTNU e-mail.

Norsk versjon - Sett opp e-postkonto i Outlook

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Install Outlook

Install MS Office

As a student at NTNU you have access to MS Office through Office 365.
MS Office will remain available as long as you remain student or an employee here at NTNU.

Add your Office 365 account to Outlook

After downloading Office 365 you can start the Outlook application.

If it is your first time starting Outlook you will be greeted by a welcome message.

Click through the message and you will get to the account setup.

If you already are logged in to one of the other Office 365 applications on your device, Outlook will automatically recognize the account on your device and give you the option to add After you have added your account your inbox will appear and the app is ready to be used.

log in with the NTNU e-mail which Outlook found from the Office 365 apps

If Outlook has not recognized your Office 365 account you can click Add others and manually put in your NTNU-account in the format

if outlook did not find any e-mail you need to manually add it with the format

After clicking Continue you will be redirected to the FEIDE login portal where you will log in using your NTNU-username and password.

after adding your you will be redirected to the feide portal where you need to enter your NTNU username and password

After logging in with FEIDE you will get a confirmation message and the app is ready to be used.

after logging in with feide your account is added to Outlook

Filters and folders

See guide for filtering.

Also see


Oracle Student Services can help with problems regarding the Outlook app.