Setup student email account in Thunderbird

Instructions for setting up your email account in Thunderbird for students and alumni.

Thunderbird is a free email client, and can be downloaded from the official website.

Norsk versjon - Thunderbird for studenter

Email Setup

  1. Start Thunderbird.
  2. In the menu, select Tools and then Account Settings.


  1. Under Account Actions, select Add Mail Account.
  2. Please enter a valid name, email address and password for the account you want Thunderbird to use. For alumni, replace the stud with alumni.
  3. Press Continue. Normally, Thunderbird will retrieve settings for you in the next step, but if it does not you will have to enter it yourself.
  4. In order to enter settings manually, press Manual config and make sure the following settings are set:

For students:

  • Incoming: IMAP,      993 SSL/TLS
  • Outgoing: SMTP,           587 STARTTLS
  • Username:
  • Password: Regular password
  • Autenthication: OAuth2 (Must be configured to support two-factor authentication)

For alumni:

  • Incoming: IMAP,, 993, SSL/TLS, Regular password
  • Outgoing: SMTP,, 587, STARTTLSRegular password
  • Username: Your username at NTNU

7. Create Account, press Done and OK.

Email Folders

To select which folders you want to display and retrieve from the email server into the overview image, right click on the email account and select Subscribe.


You will get a list of the different folders on the server. Tick folders you want Thunderbird to retrieve, and press Subscribe.



Do the following to activate the spam filter:

  1. Right-click on the email account and select Settings
  2. Mark Junk e-mail in the left menu and tick the Allow adaptive filter ...
  3. Tick ​​for Personal Address Book so that these are exempt from spam filtering.

You can also choose tomove the spam email to a separate folder where the email is deleted after a certain time, eg 14 days. This means that you have 14 days to "save" legitimate emails from the spam folder.

If you receive mail in your inbox that you believe is spam, mark it as spam. If you find that email that is not spam end up in your spam folder highlight it and press desired.


Orakeltjenesten can answer questions about use of webmail, as well as installation and setup of Thunderbird.Orakeltjenesten does not have support for the use of this software.