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Setting up elections in valgweb

A practical guide to NTNUs election system (valgweb), for election administrators.

Norwegian version: Sette opp valg i valgweb


 Log on to Valgweb For both voters and election administrators.

Request election administrator privileges

If you will be acting as an election administrator for the first time:

  1. Log in to Valgweb (regular NTNU username and password).
  2. From the menu > click Become election administrator > click Register.
  3. Reload the page. You will now see both "New election"and "All Elections" in the menu.

These privileges allow you to:

  • create an election
  • edit the elections that you have created
  • give access to election results for elections you have created

Important considerations

Before choosing an election date, consider these important facts:

  • the system will always be offline for one week prior to September 20th and February 20th.
  • all election results are deleted before the new Register of Voters is generated
  • the database will be deleted on September 20th and February 20th
  • the database is emptied on 20 February
  • elections can be concluded at the latest one week before a new Register of Voters is generated
  • elections can start no earlier than one week after the appeal deadline
  • the number of candidates or positions can never be adjusted after an election has started
  • there should be two election administrators at each faculty.

We recommend that you subscribe to the the message channel for everyone who works with elections in Innsida.

How to set up an election in the system

Below you will find a a machine translated version of the practical user guide for election administrators which covers (A) how to set up elections (B) add candidates, and (C) download an election report.

Download user guide (pdf machine translated)

Valgweb FAQ

Where should Valgweb administrators log in?

Administrators should use the standard URL for Valgweb and the same Feide-login as regular voters.

What does the administrator roll give me access to?

Check the MENU (left) and you will see two extra options: (1) New Election, and (2) All Elections.

Where can administrators access a list of elections?

From the MENU choose “All Elections”. A list of the elections you can administrate can be found under the tab “Elections I have access to”.

The election system does not use organization-based privileges that grant access to elections created by others in your department. If you need access to an election created by someone else, ask the creator to add you as a co-owner. When setting up your election, use the "Access" tab to grant access to others in your committee.

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Last updated on 13 April 2023.

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