Rules and conditions for borrowing from the library

On this page you find the borrowing rules and borrowing conditions that apply at the NTNU University Library. Applies from 8/11-2017.

Norsk versjon - Låneregler og betingelser ved biblioteket

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Borrowing rights

The NTNU University Library (NTNU UB) provides library services to staff and students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
The library's collections are open to the public.


To borrow from the Library borrowers must be registered. Students and staff are registered through NTNU systems, and use their NTNU ID cards as library cards.

External borrowers are registered through this online form and will receive a library card upon personal attendance at the library. Remember to bring valid identification.

Responsibility of the borrower:

  • The borrower is responsible for updating the contact information registered at the Library.
  • Library cards are personal documents and cannot be transferred to others.
  • The Library is to be notified immediately of lost library cards, or change in the borrower’s association with NTNU.


Loans from NTNU University Library’s collections are free of charge.

The loan period is normally 4 weeks. There may be restrictions due to material type or library unit. A loan can be renewed if there is no reservation on it. The maximum loan period is 180 days for students, 365 days for staff.For external borrowers maximum loan period is 90 days.

NTNU University Library’s electronic resources are available on the computers in the Library and can be used subject to the licensing agreements. NTNU students and staff can access the same resources on the computer network on and off campus.

Responsibility of the borrower:

  • All documents that are taken out of the Library are to be registered as a loan.
  • The borrower is personally responsible for everything registered as a loan on his/her library card.
  • Documents that are borrowed from the Library cannot be loaned to a third party.
  • Loans are to be returned by the expiry date of the loan period.
  • Making notes in documents is considered as damaging them.
  • Documents that are lost or damaged must be replaced in accordance with the Library’s regulations and charges.

Students and staff

Literature required for study or research that is not the property of NTNU University Library, can be obtained from other libraries in original format or as a copy. In such cases the library that owns the document may decide the terms for the loan. NTNU University Library is allowed to impose an upper limit on the number of loans to each borrower. NTNU University Library is allowed to charge for copies and loans from other libraries.

External borrowers

Private citizens are referred to their public library for literature not available from the NTNU University library.

Companies and institutions without a library may obtain interlibrary loan service. NTNU University Library will charge for this service. There may be restrictions on services to commercial companies.

Compensation claims

The Library will send a claim for compensation to the borrower if a document is not renewed or returned after 2 reminders.

The minimum fine is NOK 1000,- . Borrowing rights will be suspended until the fine is paid.

NTNU University Library retains its rights of ownership to any document where compensation is claimed. Any costs related to enforcing legal proceedings will be charged to the borrower.

Failure to follow the Lending Regulations at NTNU University Library can result in the loss of borrowing rights. In special cases, NTNU University Library can give dispensation from parts of the regulations.


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