Room regulations

On this page you can find the room regulations relating to booked rooms at NTNU.

Norsk versjon - Regler for bruk av rom

Classrooms and meeting rooms

  • When the normal course schedules are finalised, all students and employees can book classrooms via NTNU’s Room booking system
  • Book a meeting room: Use Outlook or webmail
  • All rooms in the room booking system can be booked. The Academic Administrative Division may impose limitations on use of the rooms. This can lead to changes to your reservation.
  • Rooms that are normally used for teaching cannot be booked for private events.
  • The person responsible for the reservation must make sure the room is used as described. This person must always be present when the room is used.
  • Leave the room in the way you want to find it; a notice posted in the room describes the desired state of the room. If the planned activity requires extra cleaning, you must notify custodial services beforehand.
  • Food is normally not permitted in classrooms.
  • Activities in booked rooms must be finished at 24:00 at the latest.
  • You are not allowed to do changes to the setup of the AV equipment or do changes to the computer equipment beyond what is considered normal use. If you need other equipment that is not included in the description of the room, this must be reported to the AV Services one working day, at the latest, before the activity takes place.
  • To cancel your booking, use NTNU’s Room booking system or contact NTNU Hjelp.
  • See also area regulations and booking venues at NTNU

Rules for the use of study halls

The study halls are silent rooms with study spaces for reading and studying.

  • Common study halls can be used by registered students at NTNU
  • The study halls should only be used for reading and studying
  • The study halls are open around the clock unless the building or any part of it is closed for students after ordinary working hours
  • A study space can only be reserved for one hour if you are not using it. Leave a note telling when you are coming back if you want to take a break
  • The study hall is a silent room. Mute your computer
  • Water boilers, coffee makers and similar equipment should not be used in the study hall. You are allowed to bring your own hot and cold drinks as well as dry foods
  • Take all your personal belongings with you when you leave. Items left behind will be removed
  • Take care of your valuables
  • For further information, read the area regulations

The Academic Administrative Division is responsible for the study halls

In case of fire in common rooms

  • The teacher or the person responsible for the use of the room is responsible for evacuation in case of fire
  • Whoever is responsible for the use of a room must be familiar with the emergency exits before the teaching/activity starts. A notice can be found in each room showing the emergency exits
  • The one responsible for the use of the room must ensure that the number of people does not exceed the room’s limit. The allowed number of people is given on a notice in the room.
  • The use of smoke, gas or other elements that constitute a fire hazard or that may cause a fire alarm, must be pre-approved by the team leader
  • See also the area regulations


Contact the Academic Administrative Division by email