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Registering attendance in online teaching

On this page you can find an overview on how to register attendance in online lectures through Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom, and Panopto

Norsk versjon - Oppmøteregistrering i digital undervisning

Blackboard Collaborate

In Blackboard Collaborate every course has a standard course room, as well as the option to plan and host specific sessions. Attendance can be registered in both, but the options vary depending onwhether you use the course room or a planned session.

Course Room

The open course room is by default always available both for yourself, the instructor, as well as students. After a session in the course room, Collaborate saves a report on who participated, when they entered the session, and when they exited.

  1. When you enter Collaborate, go to Session Options (1).
    In Blackboard Collaborate, you'll find a drop-down menu called Session options. It looks like three dots to the right of the open course room.
  2. From there you click on View reports (2), which will take you to a list of all sessions that have been held in the course room. Here you find various information about the session, among which attendance reports.
    Under Session options there is an option called View reports.
  3. Find the session you wish to see the report of, and click View report (3). Note that you can filter what sessions appear, by sorting by what time they were held (4).
    Shown here is an overview of recent Collaborate sessions, including participation reports.
  4. The report includes information about who attended, when they first joined, when they last left, and how long they were present.
    The participation report of a Collaborate session, where you find the participant list for the session.

Scheduled sessions

There are however a few weaknesses with using the course room for lectures where attendance is to be registered: First and foremost the number of reports one would need to check over a semester, and the reports only say who was present, not who was absent. Checking attendance in this fashion in a course with many students therefore becomes a tedious process, since you'd have to go through the report by hand and compare it to the participant list for the course. A better alternative would be to use scheduled sessions.

  1. Scheduled sessions are made in advance, and you can among other things set a duration for the sessions. To make a scheduled session, go to Blackboard Collaborate and click on Create Session (1).
    The starting screen for Blackboard Collaborate. Below the open course room you find a button that lets you create a new session.
  2. In addition to the regular session settings, you now have the option to set settings for registering attendance (2). To use this function you need to tick off the checkbox Share attendance information with LMS (3). You can then predefine how late a student can be before being marked "late" or "absent", and you kan also set a minimum amount of time the participant needs to be present in the session in order to not be marked as "absent". In the session list you can find an analog report for previous sessions like the one in the open course room, but when "Share attendance information with LMS" is ticked off, we can let the attendance tool do the job for us.
    Shown here are the session settings for a scheduled session, where you can alter settings for registration of participation
  3. The Attendance (4)-tool, which you can find under "Course Tools", contains a list of all Collaborate sessions that have been held. This includes sessions in the open course room, but attendance in these must be filled in by hand. Attendance in scheduled sessions, however, will be transferred automatically and according to the conditions you set in the session settings - provided that we enabled sharing of attendance information.
    Under "Course tools" in the Course Management menu you find the Attendance tool.
  4. In the Attendance tool you can get a total overview of attendance, or see attendance in individual sessions by switching between Overall and Meeting (5). Attendance in planned sessions where attendance information is shared with the learning platform will automatically be logged by the conditions previously set 6.
    Shown here is the Attendance tool, which shows participation in Collaborate sessions. Participants in the course are given rows, and every Collaborate session a column. Thus, every participant has a cell that shows attendance in individual sessions.


In Zoom attendance is logged automatically. To be sure that this log gives you relevant information it is however a good idea to require - this forces attendees to verify themselves with their NTNU user, so that the log contains their full names. This is because private accounts don't necessarily contain the full or even correct name of an attendee.

  1. After the Zoom session you can find the attendance report by going to https://ntnu.zoom:us and log in. Click sign in (1) - you use the same account as when you hosted the session, preferably your NTNU-account.
    The front page of The log-inn button is in the middle of the page, below "Join" and "Host".
  2. Click on Reports (2) on the left-hand side.
    Shown here is the front page of zoo's web portal. Down below on the left-hand side you find Reports.
  3. Then, you click on Usage (3).
    When you have clicked on Reports, Usage is the uppermost of the alternatives that appear.
  4. Here you find a list of all sessions you have hosted, and various information about these. To find the attendance list for a given session, go to Participants (4). Here you see how many attendees participated in the session, and to view the attendee list you click on the number of attendees.
    Displayed here is the session overview with associated information. Almost all the way to the right is the number of participants.
  5. The attendance report shows who attended, when they joined the session, when they left, and time present.
    Displayed is the participation list for a given session. The list contains, among other things, the name and email associated with participants' user account.


Registering attendance in Panopto is as of now unavailable due to GDPR.

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