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Most PhD-candidates publish or intend to publish articles during their PhD period. The world of publishing can be tricky to navigate for a beginner and your supervisor should be a guide in this process.

PhD on Track, created in cooperation with the Norwegian university libraries, can be a useful resource. Here you will find information about reference tool, citation index, how to submit articles, the peer-review process etc.

There are clear guidelines that all academic staff must follow when it comes to publishing. You can find more information about these guidelines on the Publishing topic page. It is important that you register your research in Cristin. When you register your research in Cristin you have to use the same address as you provided to the publication. It is therefore important that you name NTNU to the publication itself.

It is of particular importance to register peer-reviewed publications in Cristin, but other publications and communcation of science can, and should, also be registered. You can find information on the authorised publication channels on The Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers.

If you are employed outside of NTNU and your publication is related to your doctoral project at NTNU, you should name both NTNU and your primary employer, both to the publication and when you register the publication in Cristin.

Electronic publishing of your doctoral thesis

Once your doctoral thesis has been successfully defended, you can make it openly available through NTNU Open. NTNU Open is NTNU's archive and publishing service for scientific publications.

Generally, both theses written as monographs and collections of articles can be published openly, but, for collections of articles, there may be some issues concerning copyright. The library can help you find out what applies for your thesis.

Formerly published doctoral theses are available at NTNU Open.

Publishing after the defence

Many PhD-candidates wish to publish part of their doctoral research after the defence. In such cases, it is important to be clear on where the work has been carried out and completed. An institution should be named if it has given a necessary and substantial contribution to or foundation for an author’s involvement in the published work. If NTNU fulfills this requirement, you should name NTNU even after the end of your employment, in addition to any other institutions that fulfill the requirement.