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PhD forms at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (IE).
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How to progress with your PhD work at NTNU:

PhD 1-2-3

PhD on Track


Cristin contacts

Mimir's well


Getting started

Guidelineson Digital ID for signing of documents.


  • Progress report (preview for 2020 soon avaiable for PhD candidate report | supervisor report) 

  • Change in academic training (doc | pdf)

    • Requirements for Academic Training, cf. Section 9-1 (pdf)

  • Application for resuming academic position

    • The Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (IE) offers PhD fellows and a grant for resuming work after their parental or sick leave (100%) that has been continuously for 6 months. Granted applications will provide up to one month extra employment and shall be seen as a compensation for the time it takes to resume work. The scheme is part of NTNU's new Policy for Gender Equality and Diversity policy adopted by the Rector.

  • Application for prolongation (pdf)


  • Application for assessment of thesis (pdf | doc)

  • Statement from supervisor (pdf | doc)

  • Declaration of co-authorship (pdf)

  • Administrative checklist regarding your completion (pdf)

All doctoral theses must be delivered digitally. If the candidate does not accept digital publication and cannot refer to an agreement with a publisher, then the alternative is to postpone the public defence.

  • The candidate must ensure that the author's agreement (pdf) is completed and authorize the University Library to publish the dissertation in the NTNU Open. Scan the agreement and email it to

The faculty adapts its routines to the Corona virus situation relating to disputations (doctoral examinations) as follows:

Integrated PhD

  • Information about Integrated PhD
    • Use the regular form for admission and make sure to save a copy for your admission for part II (i.e. after completing the master's degree and normally the PhD education). In addition you need to attach a complete project description when applying for admission to part II of the PhD program.

dr. philos

  • Application for assessment of thesis (pdf | doc)

PhD Regulation for NTNU

PhD Regulation for NTNU including supplemantary decisions at the IE-Faculty

Evaluation committee forms

Forms for the administrator and the committee.

  • Acceptance to serve on evaluation committee for PhD (pdf) – impartiality form
  • Acceptance to serve on evaluation committee for dr.philos. (pdf) – impartiality form
  • Assessment of PhD thesis (doc)
  • Subject for trial lecture (doc)
  • Examination result form (pdf)
  • Guidelines for the Assessment of Candidates for Norwegian Doctoral Degrees (doc)
  • [Grafisk framstilling av ph.d.-forskriften (§12) - fullføring (pdf)]