Pedagogical merit - for leaders

Read about your tasks in the application process as a Head of Department, download the attachments you need and get tip on how to identify suitable candidates for the award of excellent teaching practitioner status among your staff.

Norwegian version: Pedagogisk merittering - for ledere

Why are leaders at NTNU important to the work on recognizing pedagogical merit?

Leaders at NTNU will have a key role in our efforts to develop systems for recognizing teaching excellence. It is important that the Head of Department works to identify suitable candidates and supports applicants in the application process.

Together with the applicant, the Head of Department must draw up a binding plan for how the applicant can work to develop the quality of educationin their academic environment if awarded the status of an excellent teaching practitioner.

Identify suitable candidates

Talented teaching staff can be found in every department at NTNU. In efforts to create a balance between education and research, it is important for Heads of Departments to identify applicants with the potential for the status of an excellent teaching practitioner.

Pointers for identifying candidates can be:

Support in the application process

Good support in the application process will be important for relevant applicants. Guides, templates and webinars have been developed to providesupport in the application process.

The faculty and department will also play a key role in paving the way for applicants, for example through theuse of staff who have previously been recognized as excellent teaching practitioners at the faculty.

One of the attachments in the application for the award of excellent teaching practitioner status deals with the requirement for a binding plan describing how the department will use the competence of the excellent teaching practitioner.

This is designed as a letter of support from thedepartment management. You can download it here:

Supplementary information is available in the application guide and the template for letters of support.

Every attachment and form affiliated to pedagogical merit

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