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Payment for parking at NTNU

These instructions apply to employees and students.

More info on parking in Gjøvik and parking in Ålesund

Norsk versjon: Betale for parkering på NTNU.

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Payment methods

To access "NTNU Ansatt/student", you have to enable "Parking Benefit" (Fordelsparkering). This applies to all payment methods. Add "Parking benefit" (Fordelsparkering) in the app or website, also before using the payment machines.

You can pay for parking on NTNU property using the:

Pay with smartphone app

  1. Download Apcoa Flow in App Store/Google Play. (You can change language at the top right corner in the app)
  2. Create a user account
  3. You will receive a SMS with a code. Enter the code and accept. You are now a registered user.

After creating a user account, your NTNU parking rights must be verified.

  1. Go to "Parking benefit" ("Fordelsparkering").
  2. Register parking benefit and choose "Universitet og høyskoler" and then "Benefit NTNU".
  3. Register with your NTNU e-mail address or e-mail address used in the NTNU car number database.
  4. You will receive your verification link at the specified e-mail address that must be verified. Note that your NTNU benefit parking will not be active until confirmed.
  5. You are now registered and your parking rights are verfied.

How to start and pay for your parking:.

  1. Select the desired parking area by clicking on the parking icon in the map.
  2. In order to start and pay for your parking, payment cards and vehicles must be registered. If this has already been registered, you can choose your parking time and start the parking by simply clicking "start parking".
  3. Your parking starts when you see the time counting down. You can also easily stop or expand your parking by clicking the "stop" and "expand" buttons.
  4. Once your payment has expired, your payment will be registered under "Your parkings".

Problems with the app?

Contact Apcoa Parking:

Pay online

Use the Apcoa Parking website - Create a user account by following the same procedure as the app (see above).

Choose price code "9179"

Pay using machines

Press "Ansatt/Student" for NTNU price. You will find payment machines in the visitors' parking lots at the following campuses:


  • at Perleporten,
  • at the Main Administration Building, east side,
  • at the Transportsentralen, street: S.P. Andersens veg, Valgrinda.


  • at the driveway from "Loholt Allé",
  • near the Dragvoll sports centre,
  • at the parking lot nearest to the main entrance at Dragvoll campus.

Jonsvannveien 82 / Moholt

  • next to the main entrance.

Marin Technology Centre

  • by the driveway to the upper parking lot in Otto Nielsens vei 10.


  • at one end of "Suhm-huset".

Pay for charging your electric car

Note that you must use other solutions to pay for electric car charging than the Apcoa app.
You can pay for charging via app or SMS.

  • Smartphone App: SmartCharge – Android | iOS1/ Start charging in the app
    2/ Press the green button on the post
    3/ Connect the charging cable
  • SMS - Send: Lade Start/Stop "charger number" to 2210
  • For questions about payment for charging, contact on phone 91914554 or email address

The following charging prices apply for daytime and evening hours on weekdays as of 01.03.2023:

  • Time frame: at 06.00 – 20.00: NOK 1/KWh

Prices for charging at night on weekdays (20 - 06) and weekends (Friday 20 - Monday 06)

  • Price: NOK 3/KWh

At night and at weekends, charging costs increase when the car is fully charged. This should prevent the charging stations from being occupied when the working day starts.

  • Price: NOK 0.50/min after the car is fully charged


Parking rates at NTNU:

Hourly rate Applies to Payment methodsRules
28 krVisitors and
unregistered NTNU personnel
All payment methodsAll lots
5 krNTNU personnel with registered vehiclesAll payment methods You can get the NTNU rate at 5 kroner per hour at parking lots reserved for students and employees if you register your vehicle. Does not apply to zones designated for "visitor" parking, unless you have obtained temporary permission of on-site parking.
Free (Not at Gløshaugen)Electric cars- See separate rules for electric cars. Vehicle must be registered.

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Questions related to parking rules: Contact Custodial Service