Electric cars - parking and charging

Parking and charging your electric car at NTNU in Trondheim

Norsk versjon: Elbil - parkering og lading

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From 4 September 2023, it is Trondheim Parkering AS that enforces the parking scheme for NTNU. The SmartPark app must then be used to activate a parking agreement.

You shall not activate parking in the app when parking an electric car i parking lots reserved for employees and students. If you do so, you'll be charged 5,- kr/t.

All employees and students who park their electric car at NTNU in Trondheim must activate an parking agreement in order to park for free at parking lots reserved for employees and students at NTNU.

Here's how you proceed:

  1. Download the SmartPark app: SmartPark for Android | SmartPark for IOS.
  2. Register by going to "Parkeringsavtaler" on the app's left side of the screen.
  3. Choose "Trondheim" and "NTNU."
  4. Enter your Feide username (do not include "") to park at employee and student rates.

For questions, please contact Trondheim Parkering AS: 73 10 98 80

Visitors using an electric car must pay visitor parking charge. Employees and students who park at parking lots reserved for vistors must pay vistors rate. From 01.03.23, payment for charging electric cars has been introduced at NTNU in Trondheim.

Parking your electric car

You can park for free at all places reserved for employees and students in NTNU's areas, except on the Gløshaugen plateau (Zone A and B), zone K at Kalvskinnet and at MC and HC places. Employees and student who park at parking lots reserved for vistors must pay vistors rate.
If you have an electric car wishing to park on the Gløshaugen plateau, you must pay the visitor parking rate (28,- kr/t)

On-site parking with electric car on the Gløshaugen plateau

Employees and students who have been granted on-site parking at Gløshaugen (zones A and B) and at Kalvskinnet zone K must also activate a parking agreement in the Smart Park app. This, plus a valid permit granted by the HR and HMS department, must be in place to allow you to park for free on Gløshaugen.

Charging your electric car

Note that you must use other solutions to pay for electric car charging than the Smart Park app.
You can pay for charging via app or SMS.

  • Smartphone App: SmartCharge – Android | iOS1/ Start charging in the app
    2/ Press the green button on the post
    3/ Connect the charging cable
  • SMS - Send: Lade Start/Stop "charger number" to 2210
  • For questions about payment for charging, contact on phone 91914554 or email address

The following charging prices apply for daytime and evening hours on weekdays as of 01.03.2023:

  • Time frame: at 06.00 – 20.00: NOK 1/KWh

Prices for charging at night on weekdays (20 - 06) and weekends (Friday 20 - Monday 06)

  • Price: NOK 3/KWh

At night and at weekends, charging costs increase when the car is fully charged. This should prevent the charging stations from being occupied when the working day starts.

  • Price: NOK 0.50/min after the car is fully charged