Electric cars - parking and charging

Parking and charging your electric car at NTNU.

Norsk versjon: Elbil - parkering og lading

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As of 01.01.2018, all employees and students who park their electric car at NTNU in Trondheim must register the car in the car number database in order to park for free at parking lots reserved for employees and students at NTNU. Visitors using a electric car must pay visitor parking charge. Employees and students who park at parking lots reserved for vistors must pay vistors rate.

Employees and students do not need to activate a ticket in the Apcoa Flow app, but the registration in the car number database will appear in the Apcoa Parking control tool. If you have not registered your electric car and have not paid a visit rate, you will be given at parking fine.

You can also leave your electric car free at all charging stations, except on the Gløshaugen plateau and at Dragvoll building 1, where you have to pay a visitor parking charge.

Parking your electric car

You can park for free at all places reserved for employees and students in NTNU's areas, except on the Gløshaugen plateau (Zone A and B) and at MC and HC places. Employees and student who park at parking lots reserved for vistors must pay vistors rate.
If you have an electric car wishing to park on the Gløshaugen plateau, you must use the zone "NTNU Besøkende" in the app and pay the visitor parking rate.

There is no time limit for parking of electric cars.

On-site parking with electric car on the Gløshaugen plateau

Employees and students who have been granted on-site parking at Gløshaugen (zones A and B) must also register the car number in the car number database. This, plus a valid permit granted by the HR and HMS department, must be in place to allow you to park for free on Gløshaugen.

Charging your electric car

At NTNUs parking areas, all rechargeable motor cars (motor vehicles fully or partly powered by electric motor) have the opportunity to charge, but only electric vehicles owned by employees or students can park for free on sites reserved for employees and students. Other rechargeable motor vehicles (hybrid cars) pay a parking charge.

On most of the charging stations at NTNU, it is only possible to charge on weekdays in the period 07:00 - 17:00.

There are no time limits for parking spaces with parking facilities at NTNU. Nevertheless, you should move your electric car to an ordinary car park when it is ready to let others who need to charge their electric car.

NTNU may introduce time limits on charging stations if capacity problems occur at charging stations. Another option is to introduce a fee for charging of electric cars.

For hybrid cars charging is included in the parking fee.


Questions about electric car and parking: Contact Custodial Service